Law School

Academic Calendar Dates

Spring 2019
January 7

First day of classes

Add/Drop Period begins

January 11

Add/Drop Period ends

Winter Degree Conferral (no ceremony)

January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes, offices closed)
March 2 - 10 Spring Break
March 11 Classes resume from Spring Break
March 18 Summer registration begins for continuing students
March 18 - 19 Fall registration for 3Ls
March 20 - 21 Fall registration for 2Ls
April 19 Last day of classes
April 20 - 22 Reading Period
May 3 Last day of exams
May 8 Spring grades due at 12 p.m. for graduating students and 2Ls
May 11 Spring Degree Conferral & Commencement Ceremony
May 12 Law School Diploma Ceremony
May 24 Spring grades due at 12 p.m. for 1Ls

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Summer 2019
Non-Standard (NSL) Summer Session
March 18 Summer registration begins
May 13

First day of classes

Add/drop period begins

May 27

Memorial Day (offices closed, no classes)

July 29 Last day to add/drop
July 4 Independence Day (offices closed, classes in session)
August 1 Last day of classes
TBD Final grades due one week after class ends at 12 p.m.
August 23

LLM Summer graduation (degree conferral date, no ceremony)

September 1

JD Summer graduation (degree conferral date, no ceremony)

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Fall 2019
August 19 Classes begin for first year students
August 26

Classes begin for continuing students

Add/drop period begins

August 30 Last day to add/drop
September 2 Labor Day (offices closed)
October 12-15 Fall Break
October 16 Classes resume from Fall Break
October 28-29 Spring 2020 registration for 3Ls
October 30-31 Spring 2020 registration for 2Ls
November 11

Spring schedule adjustment begins

Spring 2020 registration for LLMs

November 27 - December 1 Thanksgiving Break (offices closed, no classes)
December 2 Classes resume from Thanksgiving Break
December 6 Last day of classes
December 6-8 Reading Period for 2L/3L
December 7-9 Reading Period for 1L
December 20 Last day of exams
January 13, 2020 Final grades due at noon
January 17, 2020 Winter degree conferral (no ceremony)

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