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DIY Options

Start here... this may be all you need.

The University Ombuds serves as a confidential, impartial and independent resource to help employees address and manage organizational conflict. Here are some do-it-yourself options to get you started.

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Conflict Resolution Worksheet

A one-page worksheet to analyze and resolve organizational and interpersonal conflict. A large print version is available as well.

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Overcoming Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a psychological weapon of control infecting social relationships at home, school, and work. Here's how to overcome it in a higher education setting.

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Leading while Young

A link to a article on leading workers older or more experienced than you.

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Dealing with Abrasive Behaviors

Abrasive behaviors can generally be classified into six objective categories. Recognizing them and exercising strong curiosity can disarm those behaviors and allow you to move on.

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How to get useful feedback from a bad boss

Working for a boss who loses their temper, is dishonest, demeaning or just neglectful can be extremely hard-- but it can be changed by starting with a simple tool: seeking feedback. Here's how to do it.

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Apologize Like a Boss

The key elements of an effective apology, learned through an interactive scenario. There's also a cheat sheet / refresher guide.