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Update 5/19/20 -  Please delete any unneeded Zoom Cloud Storage recordings, as we are approaching capacity limits. See Manage Your Zoom Cloud Recordings (pdf) for directions. Find additional details here.

Update 5/15/20 - Moderator Quick Tips Guide now available!

Update 4/15/20 - Think before recording!  Use these Security Options to Limit Recordings (pdf) while in Zoom.  Details below in the Zoom Recordings section.

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Zoom is a cloud-based conferencing solution that provides both video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, screen sharing capabilities and online meetings.

In a hurry?  Download our Zoom Quick Start Guide (pdf).  Or you can keep reading to learn more about Zoom.

Get Started 

First time using Zoom?  

  1. Go to https://cwm.zoom.us/ and sign-in with your W&M credentials
  2. Select your meeting preference to get started (either schedule, join, or host a meeting)

The first time you launch a meeting, the Zoom launcher will download the desktop application. This will allow you to schedule meetings by logging in through your computer.  

Zoom's easy-to-use interface makes videoconferencing simple.Already used Zoom?  Sign in with the desktop application:

  1. Go to the Zoom desktop icon on your computer
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Then click on Sign in with SSO
  4. In the Enter SSO site URL box, type cwm(https://cwm.zoom.us)
  5. Click Continue
  6. Sign in with your W&M credentials

Logging into Zoom Desktop Application (pdf instructions)

Anyone in the world can join a Zoom meeting. To join a meeting, the participant will need to know the Meeting ID to attend.  (The meeting ID is a 9, 10, or 11-digit number.)

Only a host can start/schedule meetings. Use your W&M credentials to sign in to host a meeting. 

Accounts - Everyone at W&M has Zoom Pro!

As of 3/12/20 - All W&M users (faculty, staff, and students) now have Zoom Pro accounts!  Zoom Pro offers meetings of unlimited number of minutes for up to 300 participants. 



Update 5/15/20 - Moderator Quick Tips Guide now available!

Update 4/8/20 - Please see the message from our Interim CIO Bernadette Kenney about Zoom Security.

Be sure your Zoom software client is up to date.  Zoom is continually releasing updates that bolster security.  To find the update option:

  1. Open your Zoom client
  2. Click the icon in the upper right corner with your picture or initials
  3. Select Check for Updates   

When possible, we recommend adding any or all of the following settings to your zoom meeting to help secure your online session.

A complete list of controls for hosts and co-hosts is available on the Zoom website.

Find security settings tailored to William & Mary in our Zoom Best Practices (pdf) guide.

Prevent possible meeting disruptions with this Quick Tips Guide for Moderating a Zoom Meeting. 

Additional Recommendations: 

  • Do not make meetings or classrooms public. Require a meeting password or use the waiting room feature and control the admittance of guests.
  • Do not share a link to a meeting or classroom on an unrestricted, publicly available social media post. Provide the link directly to specific people.
  • Do not use your personal Zoom ID for meetings, but instead use the randomly-generated Zoom Meeting ID.
  • Think before recording! Use these Security Options to Limit Recordings (pdf) while using Zoom.  Details below in the Zoom Recordings section.
Zoom Tutorials

Regular training sessions are conducted weekly to familiarize Zoom meeting hosts and attendees with emphasis on best practices. These training sessions are hosted by Zoom and are held online via Zoom Webinar Meeting. You are welcome to register for any live session or view the recording of a previous session. The webinar session schedule can be found https://cwm.zoom.us/livetraining.

Looking for additional resources about Zoom Web Conferencing?   Visit the Zoom Help Center page at https://support.zoom.us

Find an extensive array of Zoom Tutorials on W&M's Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation Instructional Resilience website.

Adding Zoom to your Blackboard coursePrepare Your Blackboard Course

Instructors will be able to utilize Zoom within their Blackboard courses by using the Blackboard building block to connect a Zoom session.

  1. Go to content area where you would like to add the Zoom link
  2. In Edit Mode, select Tools
  3. Select More Tools
  4. Choose Zoom Meeting

Students can also use Zoom

Students can also connect to Zoom meetings:

  1.  Go to the Tools area within the Blackboard course
  2. Choose Zoom Meeting

Zoom Recordings

Meeting sessions can be recorded for viewing at a later time. This feature allows instructors to create useful study material and share meeting content with students who could not attend the live session. Recordings can be stored on the host’s computer or in the cloud. Recordings may be uploaded or embedded in sites such as YouTube, Blackboard and/or Panopto. As with any technology, our office encourages you to make backup copies of any recording you wish to preserve.

Cloud Storage Capacity Note:  Zoom Cloud Recording is a university-wide shared resource that has a finite storage limit.  Zoom recordings are also backed-up and accessible via Panopto (as of March 13) which does not have storage limitations.  With our recent growth in Zoom usage, we are approaching our storage limit in the Zoom Cloud. Please delete any unneeded Zoom Cloud Storage recordings.  See Manage Your Zoom Cloud Recordings (pdf) for directions.  

Recording Security
Think before recording!  When a meeting is recorded, it becomes subject to the same rules as all records.  Also, your meeting may be recorded without your permission.  But there are ways to limit and prevent recordings.  Use these Security Options to Limit Recordings (pdf) while using Zoom. 

And always remember another Zoom participant could use another device (smartphone, etc.) to record any meeting or capture images of chat exchanges.

Video Recording Guidelines

William & Mary Classroom Use of Panopto, Other Classroom Recordings, and FERPA (PDF)



View Zoom's accessibility features

About Zoom

Zoom is...

  • easy to use: Zoom meetings can be initiated with one click. All you need is a microphone and web camera to get started. Content can be shared through a mobile device or computer. 
  • integrated: Zoom integrates with the college’s learning management system, Blackboard. Online sessions can be shared with participants within the course through a link. Host online office hours or host a study session.
  • versatile: Zoom can be used for a wide variety of individual’s on-campus. Students can host online group meetings. Faculty/Staff can host online meetings across campus.
  • shareable: Zoom meetings can be shared with individual’s on-campus or off-campus. You don’t have to sign in to participate in a session. Meetings can be recorded and shared.

All William & Mary faculty, staff, and students have a Zoom Pro account for video web-conferencing.



For technical issues, contact William & Mary Information Technology's Technology Support Center at [[support]], or call 757-221-HELP during regular business hours. 

Zoom Help Center is available 24x7. Or contact Zoom Technical Support