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Troubleshooting Printer Problems

For William & Mary Network Printers

Trouble connecting?

Some 3rd party firewalls interfere with the authentication process. To troubleshoot, you could disable the firewall software and try connecting again. If the connection works, you need to modify your firewall settings to allow printing with your firewall enabled.

To delete or cancel a print job

If you have printed to the campus main queue (wmprint on, it is not necessary to delete or cancel a print that you do not wish to print out.  Your print will be automatically removed from the queue after 2 hours if you have not used a printing station to make a printout within that time.  You only pay when you use a printing station to print out your document(s).

If you do still wish to cancel a print, swipe your card at any printing station and select "Cancel" instead of printing.  After several seconds, you will see your print job leave the queue.  Select "Log off" to leave the station for the next person.  You are not penalized for cancelling your job this way - again, you only pay if you actually print out your document(s).

To save paper (print multiple pages to one sheet)
  • All lab printers have the ability to print multiple pages to a single sheet of paper. This is useful if you wish to preview a document or wish to save paper by printing two or more pages to one sheet of paper.
  • Open the print dialog box of your application by clicking Print from the File menu.
  • Look for a "Pages per sheet" option in the dialog box or by choosing the Properties button.
Print job is not printing
  • Check the printer to be sure that it is on, has paper, and is online.
  • If all of these are true, turn the printer off for about 5 seconds and then turn it back on again.
  • If this fails, call 757-221-HELP for assistance.
Toner is low (print jobs are faded or not dark enough)
  • Remove the toner cartridge, stir the toner by moving the cartridge in a circular manner (10 times or so) and replace.
  • If stirring the toner does not work and you are in Swem, go to the circulation desk and ask for the toner to be replaced; otherwise, call 757-221-4357 (HELP) and report it.
  • Until the toner is replaced, turn the printer off and leave a "toner low" note; then print to another available printer within the lab or to a printer in.
Paper jam
  • Open the printer and pull out jammed paper (try top, bottom, and back of printer for access to all areas).
  • If this fails or no jammed paper is found, turn the printer off for 5 seconds or more and then turn on.
  • If this fails see the "Sending a print job to another lab" instructions below.
Printing PDF files from Blackboard
  • PDF files printed from Blackboard sometimes come out distorted or print as mirror images.
  • If this happens, click "Print as image" in the print dialog box that creates the print job.

Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm