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Billing & Charges

"Teams Calls" is part of Microsoft's O365 licensing. Phone bills are to recover costs for our Microsoft licensing, connections to outside phone lines, and anticipated charges for long distance service. With Teams Calls, departmental phone billing is streamlined, less expensive and predictable.  The charge includes voicemail and long distance.  

Here is a breakdown of phone charges:


Teams Charge, per month
Phone service $16
Voicemail Included
Long Distance* Included
Hardware Replacement Department's discretion
Total Per Month, Per Line (Average) $16

 *Please be aware that long distance calls (along with international calls) are still charged to the university...they are NOT free. However, to streamline the billing process, the new schema accounts for anticipated long distance charges based on pre-pandemic usage.

Billing Changes

Teams Calls has also allowed modernization of the budget process around phone billing. All phone billing indexes fall into one of two plans...

Plan 1 - Budget Reallocation for Phone Services

Many departmental phone bills have disappeared all together. Funds were reallocated from departmental budgets to central budget management (at the Teams Calls rate of $16 per month, per line rate.) This is a permanent reallocation of funds. That means no more time needed for processing phone bills!  For these departments, you can think of phone service as a common utility, like water or internet service.

list of depts
Indexes No Longer Receiving Phone Bills* 

The names below come from the index description on phone bills.  If you would like the corresponding index number, please contact [[support]].

*There are other reasons you may receive a bill, like for analog lines or equipment. See below.

list of depts
Academic Advising Development - Computer Service Office of Policies and Compliance
Accounts Payable Development - Gift Planning Office of the Provost
Admin Support Functions Development - Major Gifts Office Of The Provost - DIT
Admission Development Accounting Services Omohundro Inst of Early AM History
Alumnae Initiatives  Development AVP Fund Raising Op of Physical Plant - Admn & Super
Alumni Admissions Development Avp Fund Raising Operation of Heating Plant
Alumni Business Development Development Fund for W&M Payroll Office
Alumni Engagement/Corp Sponsorships Development Research & Prospect Mgmt Philosophy
Alumni Regional Engagement Development University Events Phonathon
Alumni Signature Events Diversity And Community Initiatives Physics
American Studies  Economic Development Postal Services
Americans With Disabilities Act  Economics President Emeritus
Analytics Emergency Security Telephones President's Office
Anthropology English Procurement Department
Applied Sci - Applied Research Cntr Environmental Health & Safety Psychology
Applied Science Environmental Science Studies Public Policy
Art and Art History Exec Dir Regional Advancement Public Relations & Information
Arts & Sciences Development Facil Planning & Construction Adm R & IA Virginia
Arts & Sciences Graduate Office Financial Reporting Records Management
Assoc VP Development - Services Financial Systems & Data Control Registrars Office
AV Classroom Support General Accounting Office Religion
AVP Alumni Engagement Geology Rita Welsh Adult Literacy Program
AVP Bus Svcs & Org Excellence Government Scholarships & Special Projects
AVP Financial Operations Grounds Revolving School of Business Administration
Biology History School of Education
Board of Visitors Human Resources Sociology
Budget & Financial Planning Institute For Historical Biology Strategic Space Planning
Building Repairs and Maintenance Internal Auditing Student Activities
Bursar's Office International Relations Swem Library Administration
Business - Operations Kinesiology Swem Power Plant
Campus Police Law School Library Administration Teaching & Learning Innovation
Career Services Legal Affairs Theatre & Speech
Center for Geospatial Analysis Mathematics Travel
Center for Liberal Arts -  MBA Evening Program Peninsula Cntr University Web & Design
Charles Center MBA Evening Program Peninsula Ctr Utilities Revolving Index
Chemistry Military Science Vice President - Univ Development
Chief Operating Officer Modern Languages Vice President - University Development
Classical Studies Monticello Plant  Vice President Student Affairs
College Scholars Program Muscarelle Museum Volunteer Services
Computer Science Music VP for Strategic Initiatives
Computing Support
(Information Technology)
Neuroscience W&M Keck Environmental Field Lab
Corporate & Foundation Relations New Interdisciplinary-Black Studies William & Mary Quarterly
Custodial Revolving  O&M Trades Revolving WMSURE
Dean of Faculty of Arts & Sciences Office of Financial Aid Women's Studies
Dean of Students Office Of IAE Wren Building - Oper Ex
Dean of Undergraduate Study Office of Multicultural Affairs Writing Center - English Dept
Plan 2 - Annual Bills for Phone Services

However, not all funding sources are able to take advantage of the reallocation (like auxiliaries, grants, and those using private or local money.)  Departments/indexes utilizing those funding sources for phone services are now billed annually, instead of monthly. 

These departments will only have to process one bill at the start of each fiscal year for $192 per line ($16 per line X 12 months). These departments can move to central funding by changing their funding source for phone service, if desired.

list of depts
Indexes to be Billed Annually

The names below come from the index description on phone bills.  If you would like the corresponding index number, please contact [[support]].

list of depts
AAD Fund Raising Gifted Enrichment School Leadership Institute
Activities Fee Operations Global Education Administration School Leadership Institute-SURN      
Alpha Phi Omega Golf - Men School Of Ed Grad Program
Alumni Society Golf - Women School of Education - Project Hope - Vir
Ashlawn General Operations - DIT  Grad Housing Sharpe Program
Athletics - Compliance Grant Admin Pre- award Soccer - Men
Athletics Radio/TV Network Green Fee Expenditures Soccer - Women
Auxiliary Enterprise Admin Gymnastics - Men Special Events
Auxiliary Services Gymnastics - Women Special Events-Salary
Basketball - Men Health & Wellness Sports Information
Basketball - Women IA - Plumeri Park Expenditures Sports Medicine
Basketball Game Operations - Men IBRL General STEM Education
Basketball Game Operations - Women ID Office Strength Training
BSF Institute for the Theory and Practice of Student Health Center
Campus Parking Institute, Integrative Conserve Fd Student Recreation Center
Central Administration ISSP- Operations Student Residences
CFGE Professional Development Lacrosse Student Residences-Dit
Child Care Center Law School Operations Student Unions
Christopher Wren Association Links Btwn Scholars and Practitioner Student-Athlete Well-Being
Compliance LS Court- Operations Swimming
Compliance/Academic Support Ludwell Complex Technology Transfer Support
Conference Services Martin Family Stadium Tennis - Men
Conference Services - DIT Muscarelle Museum  Tennis - Women
Confucius Institute - Calendar YR20 Natl Inst of Am Hist & Democ Gen Tennis Center Operations
Counseling Center ORF-Archae Proj Ctr Ticket Office
Dean Of Students ORF-Conserv Cntr Bio Track & Field
Development/Alumni Orientation Fees Tribe Club
DuPont Student Veteran Engagement Plumeri House Troops to Teachers year 2
Equipment Room Plumeri Park Expenditures TTAC 2020-2022
Equipment Room Operations Production Box Office Volleyball
Field Hockey Promotions & Marketing WCWM
Food Service Recreational Sports William & Mary Operations
Football Reves Center Most Pressing Needs William & Mary Hall
General Clinics Reves- DIT William & Mary Real Estate Foundation
Charges for Additional Phone-Related Services

You will still receive a phone or hardware bill for the following items.

Analog Phone Lines 

Analog lines, like the lines used for fax machines and alarms, will be billed annually.  The cost is $360 per year, charged on July 1 (every year). There are no credits or additions as phones are added or removed throughout the year.

Common Area Licenses  (New lines only)

Phones that are not tied to person, but rather tied to a place (like conference room phones and service desk phones) require a "Common Area License".  A new license has a one-time charge of $300 to the department.  As part of the migration project, costs will be covered for existing set-ups that require a common area license.

Common area phones also require a desk phone.  In most cases, departments must purchase the Audiocodes 455 phone.  Conference rooms will be covered by project funds during the migration. 

Phone Equipment

Departments are responsible for purchasing their own phone equipment.  Any equipment currently use for Zoom and Teams meetings can be used with Teams Calls (aka phone calls) as well. 

However, you may wish to purchase equipment that has been tested by IT and will be supported by the Technology Support Center. Find the list of supported equipment here.

VITA Phone Services

All VITA-contracted phone services will continue to receive monthly bills.  This includes the police station radio system, alarm lines, cell phones, and other telecommunication services billed to IT by VITA.



Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm