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Gain valuable experience by working with W&M IT

Students can benefit from a variety of learning opportunities when they work as interns in the IT department at William & Mary. Higher education IT departments are often leaders in technology innovation, allowing students to participate in cutting-edge projects and initiatives where they can learn from skilled professionals and mentors who can support them and give them feedback on their work. Interns can contribute to real-world projects and issues that directly affect the educational purpose and vision of the institution. This can help students acquire a broad range of skills and knowledge that are relevant to other industries since IT activities at a university are like those of IT work in any industry. 

Available positions

Positions often become available towards the end of each semester (including summer), so check back here for updates. Available positions will also be advertised in Student Happenings and on Tribe Careers

Curious where an internship in W&M IT could take you?

Meet some of our past interns by reading our "Where are they now?" series! 

Intern Spotlight: Lauren Bayse

"My communications internship with IT solidified my interest in a communications career. Through my internship, I realized my love for solving complex challenges through strategic communications and my interest in identifying authentic ways for organizations to connect with priority audiences."

Brian Russell thumbnail
Intern Spotlight: Brian Russell

"I learned so much from this internship that I still apply to my career today. I was able to work on problem solving for clients and using resources like Google to my advantage. I still think of this experience as truly invaluable as it taught me so much about working with technology and different people."

Mike Walker
Intern Spotlight: Mike Walker

"My internship with W&M IT taught me to take something that is complex and detailed and make it accessible to all. This is the biggest resource that translates to my life now because that is what I do in my job."

Eliza Steele
Intern Spotlight: Eliza Steele

"Without W&M IT, my graduate program, and experience working with ITPIR (now known as the Global Research Institute), I would not be at my current position at Microsoft. Without these experiences, I may have landed at a less technical job doing work I am not as passionate about."

Bina and his wife, Kathy
Intern Spotlight: Bina Wasunga Kakusa

"There are many aspects of my career in patient healthcare that mirror those in IT customer service, including strong interpersonal skills, effective communication of technical details, problem solving and doing this all as part of a team."