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Chrome River

Chrome River is the university’s comprehensive travel expense reimbursement tool. This system allows university employees to manage Pre-Approvals, track Expense Reports, run reports, and submit and receive reimbursements in the most cost-effective, timely and efficient manner possible. W&M travelers who paid for pre-authorized, business-related travel expenses with personal funds may be reimbursed in accordance with the university travel policy. All reimbursement requests must be accompanied by receipts and/or supporting documentation. Failure to include any required documentation may unnecessarily delay the reimbursement.

Access Chrome River Travel System

Report Type Profiles in Chrome River

Non-W&M Affiliates and Students cannot access the system as only employees have profiles within Chrome River. Therefore, a W&M employee will have to process the pre-approval and expense report for non-W&M affiliates and students in the system.  The Report Type is located on the pre-approval and expense report header pages.

  • Employees: All employees (with the exception of adjunct faculty and student employees) can login to Chrome River to process their own pre-approval and expense report reimbursement requests.
  • Student Reimbursements: While current student information exist in Chrome River, students do not have access to Chrome River and cannot submit their own reimbursement requests.  (VIMS is the only exception, as their students are listed as employees)  
  • Non-W&M Affiliates: Non-W&M Affiliates are guests of the university which include job candidates, speakers, performers adjunct professors, and graduate assistants.  A request must be made through the Vendor Management process in buyW&M.  On the request form, please select the option that the vendor must be coded into Chrome River. For adjunct professors, please submit a buyW&M Help ticket and request that they code the adjunct to CR in Banner. 
Payment Disbursements

Payment disbursement to most travelers will be by direct deposit to their Accounts Payable direct deposit account set up in Banner Self-Service. For those without a Accounts Payable direct deposit,  the address sequence that Banner will use to process the checks are as follows:

A four-column table presenting the types of payment disbursements in Chrome River
Travel Advances Students Non-W&M Employees
Bursars Address CS (Dorm Address) Default AP address

MA (Mailing)

LC (Off Campus)
MA (Mailing)
PR (Permanent)
Wires for travel cannot be submitted in Chrome River for processing. Please contact the Travel Office directly if a Wire payment is the only option. 
Chrome River Travel Submissions and Travel Processing Times

Expense reports submitted in Chrome River for reimbursement must be submitted by the employee within 60 days from the date of the expense or the last travel day.  If an expense report is submitted after the 60 days, Chrome River will populate a compliance warning and an explanation and/or justification must be provided on each expense line item that is incompliant to the policy. 

Chrome River Travel Processing 

If an expense report is accurate and complete. The Travel Team will process the reimbursement.  Processing time is five (5) working days from the Submit Date of a complete and accurate expense report. Processing times do no include delays in the approver routing. If the expense report is submitted correctly, the reimbursement will be processed by the Travel Team within the allotted timeframe. 

Incomplete Submissions

Incomplete and/or inaccurate expense reports submitted to the Travel Team will be returned for corrections in Chrome River.  A system-generated email will be sent to the traveler and any associated delegates indicating the corrections required or listing what additional documentation is required before the reimbursement can be processed- such as: itemized receipts, a receipt showing method of payment/zero-balance, conference agenda, etc. Processing time is five (5) working days from the Submit Date of the corrected expense report.

Chrome River Training and Materials

Chrome River training is listed below under Chrome River Training Videos. Please watch and view all videos listed for Chrome River Training. These videos are located in the Chrome River system under Help Center. Review all User Manuals, Quick Guides, and Flow Charts for training and assistance while navigating the system. 

A one-column table presenting a break down of Chrome River Training Materials
User Manuals

Chrome River User Manual
Chrome River Approver Manual

Quick Guides

Adding and Removing a Delegate
Requesting a Cash Advance and Cash Advance Return
Creating a Pre-Approval
Creating an Expense Report- Employee
Creating an Expense Report- Non-WM Affiliate
Creating an Expense Report- Student
Creating a Hotel Expense
Creating a Mileage Expense
Creating a Per Diem Expense
Tracking Pre-Approvals and Expense Reports
Using Built-In Currency Converter
Splitting Expenses Between Multiple Allocations
Creating a Business Meal Expense and/or Alcohol ONLY Expense


Flow Charts

Responsibilities within Chrome River
Pre-Approval Report Routing 
Travel Cash Advance Routing
Expense Report Routing

Chrome River (In-System)  Video Training

Chrome River has a newly designed Help Center to aid in additional training and help within the system. To access the Help Center: Login into Chrome River, Click on the Emburse Assistant (the question mark with the circle) and Click on "Help Center", Click on "Access Online Help Center". There is an abundance of help and resources in the Help Center.  Here are some video that are recommended:

System Basics
  • User Quick-Start Guide
  • Navigating Chrome River
  • Login to Chrome River
  • Authorize or Work as a Delegate
  • Create an Expense Report
  • Allocate Line Items on an Expense Report
  • Track Your Submitted Expense Reports
  • Recall an Expense Report to Draft Status
  • Add Receipt Images to Expenses
  • Approve Expenses in Chrome River
  • Create a Pre-Approval Request
  • Attach a Pre-Approval to an Expense Report
  • Track a Submitted Pre-Approval Request
  • Approve Pre-Approvals in Chrome River or via Email