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The directives under which Facilities Management operates are provided here in PDF format.

Directive 105 - Leave Approval (pdf)
Purpose: To provide policy on scheduling, requesting, and verifying leave.
Directive 110 - University Funding for Licenses, Certifications, and Memberships in Professional Associations (pdf)
Purpose: To set policy for use of university funding to support licensure and certification of FM staff members and membership in professional associations.
Directive 120 - Uniform Program (pdf)
Purpose: To establish, maintain and administer the uniform program.
Directive 200 - Essential Positions, Department of Facilities Management (pdf)
Purpose: To establish policies for Facilities Management "Essential Positions".
Directive 200 - Attachment
Department of Personnel and Training and Policies and Procedures Manual - Emergency Closings
Directive 210 - Facilities Management Recognition Program
Purpose: To recognize efforts of FM staff who contribute to achieving the FM vision of being an exceptional facilities management organization as evidenced by a capable, motivated workforce with high morale; efficient business practices and modern tools and equipment; respect from stakeholders and peers; a beautiful, well maintained and highly functional campus.
Directive 210 - Attachment
William & Mary Personnel Action Form
Directive 230 - Check In/Check Out Outside Normal Work Hours
Purpose: To establish procedures to ensure staff safety and accountability during after-hours access to university facilities to perform assigned duties.
Directive 250 - Living Remembrance Tree and Bench Policy
Purpose: To establish general guidelines for the Living Remembrance Program. It ensures uniformity in the selection of plant material and planting/bench sites. The policy identifies critical time periods and details required to execute the program.
Directive 510
Guidance for staff and departments that use, erect, contract to erect, or oversee the installation of temporary structures on university property.
Directive 530 - Remediation of Safety/Life Safety Deficiencies
To establish procedures for the identification and resolution of existing building deficiencies which have a negative impact on safety/life safety systems.
Directive 703 - Graffiti and Vandalism Policy
Purpose: To provide standard procedures for reporting any graffiti or vandalism on University buildings and grounds, as well as establish procedures for the clean-up and removal of such.
Directive 705 - Key Control Policy for Facilities Management Staff
Purpose: To facilitate the issuance of building keys to FM staff on an as needed basis and to define the responsibility for issuance, control and collection of building keys.
Directive 715 - Process for Campus Snow Removal
To delineate responsibilities and processes to make advance preparations for a snow event, execute recovery of the campus to allow for re-opening, and finalize clean up after the storm. It establishes a chain of command to oversee operations. It assigns the clearing of buildings/areas on campus to specific crews within Facilities Management during the storm. Overlap has been built into the plan to ensure that all areas required to open the University are addressed during a storm event.
Directive 715 Attachments
Snow Plan Map A, Snow Plan Map B, Notes and Special Considerations
Directive 720 - Planned Utility Outages
Purpose: To establish procedures and define responsibilities for planned and emergency utility outages on campus.
Directive 720 Attachment
Utility Outage/System Testing Notification Worksheet
Directive 740 - Fire Protection System Impairment Request for Special Events
Purpose: To provide standard procedures for submitting system impairment requests, scheduling, notifications, postings, alternate fire protection mitigations, establishing fire watches, and response to emergency conditions.
Directive 740 Attachments
Building Fire Protection Impairment
Directive 752 - Green Cleaning Commitment
Purpose: To reduce exposure of staff to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that adversely impact their well-being, and to reduce the department's and the university's ecological footprint.
Directive 761 - MS4 Program
Purpose: To assign responsibilities and procedures for management of the MS4 Program within Facilities Management.
Directive 762 - Illicit Discharge Detection
Purpose: To identify and address any illicit discharges detected during storm sewer outfall inspections or otherwise reported illicit discharges impacting the storm sewer system.
Directive 763 - Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Procedures to Protect the Storm Water System
Purpose: To develop and implement written procedures designed to minimize or prevent pollutant discharge as required by state and federal storm water regulations.
Directive 764 - Storm Water Outfall Inventory and Dry Weather Screening (DWS) Inspection
Purpose: The purpose of this directive is to establish a standard operating procedure for storm water outfall inventory and dry weather screening (DWS) inspections.
Directive 764 - Attachment
Dry Weather Screening Field Collection Sheet
Directive 765 - Air Permit Reporting and Permit Fee Payment
Purpose: Provide written documentation of the information collection requirements and the reporting process in order to be fully compliant with Air Permit 60158. The directive also covers payment of the Annual Emission Fee.
Directive 765 - Attachments
Fuel Quality Report Preparation and Submission, Annual Emission Reporting, Annual Emissions Fee, Fuel Report Form
Directive 780 - Industrial Bicycles
Purpose: To establish policies for safe use of bicycles purchased by and issued to FM personnel. FM-provided bicycles for use at work are referred to as "industrial bicycles". Privately-owned bicycles, when used on campus in the execution of official work tasks, are also referred to as industrial bicycles and are subject to the same requirements prescribed in this FM Directive.
Directive 781 - Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) Policy
Purpose: To establish minimum guidelines to ensure the safety and health of personnel who may be required to work on any type of equipment capable of being energized or containing stored energy. This program will be used to ensure that a machine or equipment is stopped and isolated from all potentially hazardous energy sources, and locked out before employees perform any servicing or maintenance where the unexpected energizing, start-up of the machine/equipment, or release of stored energy could cause injury.
Directive 781 Attachment
Lock-out/Tag-out forms
Directive 782 - Requesting Environmental Sampling Services Procedures
Purpose: To establish policies and delineate responsibilities for requesting environmental sampling services through the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Office.
Directive 782 Attachment
Work Flow Diagram
Directive 785 - Protective Footwear
Purpose: To establish policies and procedures for issuance and use of protective footwear by full-time and part-time FM staff members.
Directive 786 - Electrical Safety Program: Flame Retardant Clothing Requirements
Purpose: To establish proper selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that will significantly reduce the risk of arc-flash and other electrical hazards to personnel working on energized equipment.
Directive 786 Attachment
Electrical Safety Requirements and Flame Resistant Clothing Requirements
Directive 788 - Cutting, Welding, Grinding and Brazing Hot Work Permits
Purpose: 1) to provide guidelines on when permits are required before permitting cutting, welding, grinding and/or brazing activities; 2) to identify the responsible party who will issue the permit under each condition where a permit is required.
Directive 789 - Kaplan Arena Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) Procedure
Purpose: To outline the required steps taken to initiate a Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) operation at Kaplan Arena.
Directive 789 - Attachments
Kaplan Arena Special Events Impairment Permit, Building Emergency Coordinator Responsibilities, Fire Watch Responsibilities, Kaplan Arena Evacuation Plans, Procedure for Activating/Deactivating Positive Alarm Sequence at Fire Alarm Control Panel
Directive 790 - Zable Stadium Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) Procedure
Purpose: To outline the required steps taken to initiate a Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) operation at Zable Stadium.
Directive 790 - Attachments
Special Events Impairment Permit, Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) Review Results, Procedure for Activating/Deactivating Positive Alarm Sequence, Building Emergency Coordinator Responsibilities, and State of Virginia Fire Prevention Code
Directive 802 - eBuilder Access Approval Process
Purpose: To establish a procedure for granting access (full or limited) to eBuilder.