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Lunch & Learn

2022 Spring Professional Development Workshop Series


                                                            Lunch & Learn Spring Schedule

Date Time Location Session Title

Wednesday, February 16 

11:30  - 1:00 


Creating a Self-Care Routine - We know the importance of self-care, but it can be difficult to figure out what we need (especially when we are already depleted). This session would guide employees in reflecting on their individual care needs within the 8 dimensions of wellness and to craft a routine incorporating practices that work for them. They will leave with their own personal “self-care guide” that they can use regularly for preventative maintenance, renewal, and coping with stress. Register here by February 14th. 

Thursday, March 24 12:00 - 1:30 Zoom

Implementing Equity in Policies and Procedures* - Developing an equity lens to inform decision making is a critical tool to be able to foster an environment that honors each employee’s unique gifts, talents, and backgrounds while also advancing the mission of the organization. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore the concept of an equity lens and apply that learning to critically analyze how policies and procedures impact underserved, historically marginalized groups in the workplace. Register here by March 21st. 

Thursday, April 14 12:00 - 1:00 Zoom 

Gender Pronouns - This session is designed to inform the W&M community on how to use individuals’ correct pronouns, expand your understanding of gender identity, and continue to build on W&M’s effort to be a more inclusive and welcoming campus. Register here by April 11th. 

*Workshop session(s) will be facilitated by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC).