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Student Emergency Notification Request

Description: The Student Emergency Notification Request process is designed to serve as a resource and central point of contact for students who need to notify professors of missing class due to a documented emergency as defined below and are unable to communicate directly with their professors.
Contact: [[care]]

Student Emergency Notification Request

(Time away caused by student's hospitalization, death of immediate family member, or concussion, which threaten the student's academic progress)

senr-update1.pngWhen a student misses class for documented emergencies, as defined above, students may complete the Student Emergency Notification Request Form and attach supporting documentation to request a notification be sent to their faculty members. 

If the student is physically or emotionally unable to contact the office, a family member or health care provider, with the student's permission, may submit the notification request on the student's behalf.   

Once the information has been obtained and verified regarding a student's emergency, Care Support Services will notify the student's faculty members as requested. Notification of the missed class(es) will be by e-mail. 

Notification of the missed class(es) by Care Support Services does not excuse students from classes and/or course requirements; the faculty member's policies prevail. Students are also responsible for following up with their individual faculty members as soon as they are able to discuss possible arrangements for completing academic course requirements and assignments missed during their time away. 


Guidance for Non-Emergency Situations

(Illness: medical or mental health, illness of close family member, scheduled surgery, regular doctor's visit, dentist appointments, prearranged trips, interviews, conferences, court dates, or participation in athletic events)


The Dean of Students Office and Care Support Services office do not issue "doctor's notes" or excused absences from class. Students are responsible for contacting each of their faculty members regarding missing class for all non-emergency related situations. Care Support Services will not notify faculty for non-emergency situations.  

Each student is bound by the William & Mary Honor Code. As such, all students are advised to contact faculty regarding missed classes, assignments, exams, and other course expectations and follow their faculty’s policies as stated in their syllabus.

If a student is experiencing serious illness (medical or mental health) or a student’s family member is facing serious illness, students can set up/make an appointment with Care Support Services. Our office meets with students to help identify their needs and connect them to support and resources within the W&M community.  

Make an Appointment with Care Support Services

Guide for reaching out to your professors