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Learning Outcomes
  • By the end of the D.C. Winter Seminars, students will be able to:
    • recognize how the prework for their courses relates to their sight visits and speakers through the formulation of specific, theoretical, topic based questions. 
    • make clear connections between their experiences with site visits and speakers and their goals for the future.  
    • develop their career readiness skills that they will incorporate in future professional development opportunities.   
D.C. Winter Seminar 2025 courses can be found in the table below:

January 6-17, 2025

Urban Education: Policy, Practice and Leadership - COLL 350

Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment - COLL 350 Diversity

Building Trust Through Diplomacy

Identity, Power, and Profit - COLL 350

Foreign Economic Policy: Theory Meets Practice - COLL 300


Seminars are worth 3 credits, assigned to the home department of the faculty.  

The maximum amount of credits students can be registered for in the fall semester before registering for a D.C. Winter Seminar course is 15 credits. Course overloads will be considered sparingly and in special cases. 


Accepted students are automatically registered for their D.C. Winter Seminars upon paying their deposit.

Grading & Honor Code:

Grades are awarded for the D.C. Winter Seminars just like classes on campus. In addition, all policies and regulations contained in the Rights and Responsibilities, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Administration of Student Life Policies sections of the William & Mary Student Handbook apply to all Winter Seminar courses.

2025 Winter Seminar Schedule:

Please note: D.C. Winter Seminars classes fall on students' Fall 2024 transcripts, however, D.C. Winter Seminars classes will take place from the week of November 1st, 2024-January 17th, 2025. 

Fall Class Sessions: Fall class sessions for 2024 will be offered in person.

D.C. Winter Seminars 2025: January 6-17, 2025

Class Locations:

Class locations to be updated after course offerings are made public.

ADA Accommodations:

William & Mary accommodates students with disabilities in accordance with federal laws and university policy. Any student who feels they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a learning, psychiatric, physical, or chronic health diagnosis should contact Student Accessibility Services staff at 757-221-2512 or at to determine if accommodations are warranted and to obtain an official letter of accommodation. For more information, please visit

Academic Guides

Nervous for your first lecture in D.C.? Not sure how to approach your professor at office hours? We're here for you! Here are some great guides to assist you in D.C.'s tight-knit classroom environment.