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The Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement regularly evaluates its online resources for usefulness and usability for our constituents. If you would like for your organization’s link to be considered for inclusion on our website, please read our policy below to determine if your website meets our criteria. If you feel your website complies with our guidelines, please complete the necessary form. At that point, it will be considered for inclusion. The final decision is made by a committee that meets quarterly for the purpose of evaluating online resources. You will be notified of our decision at that time. Thank you for your interest.


The Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement collects and/or provides access to materials that meet the needs of our constituents. A resource should fall within the career planning and job search topics and fill a need not adequately covered by other resources.


The Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement collects and/or provides access to quality resources from professional associations, government agencies, credible publishers, college and university sources, and professional network sources. If a resource does not fall under one of the above categories (e.g. a self-published book or an online producer of career information), it should contain an “About Us” or similar section(s), with the physical address of the producer, the credentials of content writer(s), and any other qualifications or expertise clearly documented (e.g. a person who gives financial advice should have education and/or experience in finance, a person who gives advice in career planning should have education and/or experience in career development). Source information should be easily and clearly identified in/on resources.


The Office of Career Development & Professional Engagement collects the most recent edition of resources possible; websites for the online library collection should have been created or updated within the past year. For example, a resource added to the website in 2023 should have a date of 2022 or 2023. It is acceptable for a website to contain documents with earlier dates, provided that the site itself was updated within the past year.

  • Information is easy to find via indexes, table of contents, menus, internal search engines, etc.
  • Layout is consistent from page to page and throughout resource
  • Resource is broken down into manageable sections
Design / Presentation
  • Resource is free of grammatical, spelling, and other typographical errors
  • Typestyles and background make pages clear and readable
  • Any graphics, sound or video enhances the resource
  • Advertising does not “overshadow” the content of the resource
Leads to Other Resources
  • Suggested readings, website addresses, links, etc. should add value to the resource
  • Website links should:
    • contain a policy or explanation of their purpose
    • be organized into easily-understood categories or sections
    • connect directly to the specific web page(s) where information may be found
    • be free, or offer sample information or searches, etc. prior to requesting personal data or charging the user

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