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Honors Projects

The Honors Program provides qualified students the opportunity to complete a two-semester, six-credit research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.  Each Honors project culminates in a thesis and oral defense. Completing an Honors project can be one of the most academically rewarding experiences of a student's undergraduate career. 

If you wish to conduct an Honors Project, you will follow guidelines provided by the Charles Center as well as Sociology guidelines. There are many resources available to help you:

  • The Resource Room in Boswell Hall (Room 237). The Resource Room houses the Department's collection of completed Honors and Masters theses, as well as other valuable tools, such as the Honors Guidelines Binder, various writing guides, and copies of application forms. 
  • The Honors Guidelines binder. Located in the Resource Room, the binder includes information pertinent to both individual departmental expectations as well as the College-wide guidelines set by the Charles Center. Departmental application forms for Honors can be found in this binder, along with the required forms regulated by the Charles Center.
  • Faculty members are another great, but often overlooked resource. Students interested in doing an Honors Thesis can seek advice not only from their advisor, but should definitely set up an appointment with other faculty members who may specialize in the student's research topic. 
  • Swem Library maintains several research guides that can point you to Sociology-specific resources. You can also schedule an appointment with a research librarian. Research librarians can show you how to use the different research tools available through the Swem, get you started in the right direction, or help you get through a research rough patch.
  • Funding is available for Honors research projects through the Charles Center.