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A Sweet Celebration of Global Diversity


 A Sweet Celebration of Global Diversity

Marking the commencement of the new academic year, the International Fellows, under the supervision of Blanca Tyler, organized the much-anticipated International Desserts Night. Hailing from Argentina, Germany, France, Morocco, China, Russia, Japan, and Italy, the fellows not only animate the Language Houses throughout the year, but they also transformed the Landrum Hall with vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and diverse flavors representing cultures from across the globe. The successful event brought together students from the various language houses, faculty members, and curious minds from across the college community.
The event was a showcase of cultural diversity through the universal language of desserts! Each International Fellow proudly introduced their culture by sharing delectable treats. Attendees embarked on a delicious and convivial journey around the globe. Malena from Argentina made Torta Tres Leches, Blanca Tyler from Mexico made arroz con leche, residents from the Japanese House made Dorayaki and Matcha cake, Ruoqin from China made the Osmanthus rice cakes, Ana from Reunion Island made the gateau banana, Anja from Germany made the Donauwelle cake, Prof. Gully from Austria made the Sachertorte, residents from the Italian House made Tiramisu, Prof. Sorbera from Italy made Torta di Mele, Sasha from Russia made the Chocolate salami, and Khadija from Morocco made Msemen pancake.

What made this event truly special was the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Students, International fellows, and faculty engaged in lively conversation, strengthening our community while building cultural exchange that transcended borders.

The International Fellows’ dedication to fostering cross-cultural understanding is truly commendable. They not only shared their delicious desserts but also opened doors to a world of knowledge, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of unity and appreciation of diversity.

This International Fellows dessert extravaganza was a sweet success reminding us of all the richness that diversity brings to our community.