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Major in Hispanic Studies

The Department of Modern Languages offers a B.A. in Spanish. Hispanic Studies majors join a close-knit community of scholars. As a major, you will get to develop a personal relationship with our faculty, who will better understand your needs and goals. It is these relationships that will help you make the most of your time here at William & Mary, and as you go out into the world after graduation.

When you are ready to declare your major, you will choose a Hispanic Studies professor to serve as your major advisor. Your major advisor will help guide you through our major requirements. Together, you will create an academic plan that meets your career and academic goals.

We encourage all majors to both study abroad and conduct independent research. We can also help you find opportunities to do an internship. You should consider applying for the Honors Program if you are interested in tackling a year-long in-depth research project. Your major advisor can also help you select a study abroad experience and help you discover research opportunities.

It is not uncommon for Hispanic Studies majors to declare two majors. A second major could be in the sciences, the arts, social sciences, business, education, or international relations. Many of our majors follow a pre-med track. Our alumni are linguistically and culturally proficient. They are well-placed for careers related to global markets, public service, the fine arts, teaching and research, law, and medical and health-related fields