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W&M College policy on internships for credit provides the relevant standards.  Specifically:

  • “The internship should provide a structured learning experience".
  • “The internship provides an opportunity to apply and expand knowledge under expert supervision.”
  • “The internship must be approved in advance.”
  • “Academic credit is awarded for a project that incorporates the hands-on experience of the internship, but also includes an analytic or research component, and a final, written report.”

What this means, as a practical matter, is that you are responsible for finding an IR faculty member willing to work with you to create an academic framework around your internship experience.  This MUST take place prior to starting the internship.  You, and your faculty sponsor, should complete the form together, get the signature (real or virtual) of your external supervisor, and submit the Internship for Academic credit form to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Office (Ewell Hall) before you leave campus.

If you are participating in a W&M internship-based course (W&M in Washington Semester, or W&M Washington Summer Institute), this rubric does not apply.  Instead, you will receive internship credit, and a grade, if the internship is IR appropriate.  If you have any questions, you should consult the faculty member supervising your program.