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Fall 2021 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives and capstones, the courses listed below are available for the Fall 2021 semester and are approved for IR credit--please make sure you have the prerequisites.

If you plan to take a course for major credit that is not on this list, but has international-relations content, please contact either the Program Director or the Director of Advising.
ANTH  331-01            Culture & Society in Modern Mid East & No Africa (elective)
Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
AIPA 205                     Introduction to Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies (elective)

ECON 300-01            Economics Views of Ill Repute (elective)


GOVT 391-01/04       Human Rights (elective)
GOVT 391-06             National Security Innovation Network (by permission) (elective)
GOVT 391-09             How to be an Autocrat (elective)
GOVT 403-01             Democracy & Development (capstone)
GOVT 403-03             Eurasian Conflict: Sources & Remedies (capstone)
GOVT 403-04             Order, Violence, Development/Democracy (capstone)
GOVT 403-06             Digital Dictatorships (capstone)
GOVT 482-01             Geostrategic Thought (capstone)


HIST 211-06                The Global Victorian Age (elective)
HIST 211-08                Terrorism & Beyond (elective)
HIST 311-01                History of the Ottoman Empire (elective)
HIST 311-02                Nat'l Security Archive Decl. (by application) (elective)
HIST 311-04                Modern European Jewish History (elective)
HIST 379-01                Russia After Stalin (elective)
HIST 490C-01             Chinese Revolutions (capstone)
HIST 490C-03             Decolonization (capstone)
HIST 490C-05             Memory & War in Russia (capstone)
HIST 491C-01             Cuban Revolutions (capstone)


SOCL 314-01             Politics of Global Health (SOCL requirement Part A or elective)
SOCL 480-01             Migration in a Global Context (elective)