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Fall 2020 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives and capstones, https://www.wm.edu/as/internationalrelations/resourcesforstudents/electives/index.php, the following are available for the Fall 2020 semester and are appropriate for IR majors - please make sure you have the prerequisites:


ECON 400-01: (14683)  Globalization and Inequality (NOT a capstone)


GOVT 391-01 (11049):  National Security Decision-making (NOT a capstone)

GOVT 391-03 (15053):  Data Science for Social Science and Humanities (NOT a capstone)

GOVT 391-04 (14524):  GIS for Social Science (NOT a capstone)

GOVT 391-09 (13792):  How to be an Autocrat (NOT a capstone)

 GOVT 402-01 (14927):  Authoritarianism and the Politics of Irrationality (capstone)

GOVT 402-02 (14955):  Borders, Boundaries, and Democracy (capstone)

GOVT 403-03 (13795):  Political Islam (capstone)

GOVT 403-04 (13796):  Order, Violence, Development, and Democracy (capstone)

GOVT 403-06 (14536):  Digital Dictatorships (capstone)

GOVT 404-02 (15055):  Strategy and Winning Wars (capstone)

GOVT 440-01 (13803):  Statebuilding in Afghanistan (capstone)


HIST 490C-01 (10195):  African Diaspora (capstone)

HIST 490C-04 (14594):  Cultural History of the Cold War (capstone)

HIST 490C-06 (13183):  Decolonization (capstone)

HIST 491C-01 (14870):  Cuban Revolutions (capstone)


Please see the on-line schedule for the most current information about courses offered.