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Spring 2023 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives and capstones, the courses listed below are available for the Spring 2023 semester and are approved for IR credit — please make sure you have the prerequisites.

If you plan to take a course for major credit that is not on this list, but has international-relations content, please contact either the Program Director or the Director of Advising.




ECON 385-01 Economic Globalization Elective
ECON 485-01 Globalization and Inequality  Capstone


GOVT 311-01 European Politics Elective, Part C
GOVT 312-01 Politics Developing Countries Elective, Part C
GOVT 312-02 Politics Developing Countries Elective, Part C
GOVT 334-01 Russian & Post-Soviet Politics Elective, Part C
GOVT 337-01 Politics in Africa Elective, Part C
GOVT 339-01 Middle East Political Systems Elective, Part C
GOVT 381-01 Human Geography Elective
GOVT 391-01 Authoritarian Legacies  Elective
GOVT 391-02 International Organizations & Strategic Communications  Elective
GOVT 391-10 Arab-Israeli Conflict Elective, Part C
GOVT 391-11 Arab-Israeli Conflict Elective, Part C
GOVT 392-01 Chinese Political Thought Elective
GOVT 403-02 Political Islam Capstone 
GOVT 404-01 Economics and National Security  Capstone
GOVT 404-02 International Relations on Film  Capstone
GOVT 404-03 Transitional Justice Capstone
GOVT 404-04 Critical Human Security Studies  Capstone 
GOVT 482-01 Geostrategic Thought Capstone
GOVT 489-01 PIPS Research Fellowship Capstone


HIST 212-02 Disorderly People in the Atlantic Elective
HIST 212-04 Modern Iran since 1800 Elective, Part C
HIST 212-10 Introduction to Jewish History Elective
HIST 212-11 Fascism in Italy  Elective
HIST 212-12 Age of Dictatorships in Europe  Elective 
HIST 312-05 Memory/Material Culture in Eastern European History Elective
HIST 491C-02 International Politics of World War II Capstone
HIST 491C-03 War and Memory Capstone
HIST 491C-04 Early Modern Japan Capstone
HIST 491C-05 Long American Century in East Asia Capstone
HIST 490C-06 7 Years War  Capstone


SOCL 340-03 Gender & Global Human Rights  Elective, Part A 
SOCL 340-04 Political Ecology & Conservation  Elective, Part A 
SOCL 362-02 Medical Sociology Elective