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Spring 2022 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives and capstones, the courses listed below are available for the Spring 2022 semester and are approved for IR credit — please make sure you have the prerequisites.

If you plan to take a course for major credit that is not on this list, but has international-relations content, please contact either the Program Director or the Director of Advising.
Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies

APIA 350             Food Cultures and Sustainability (elective)

APIA 450-02       Human Rights in Global Perspective (capstone)


ANTH 350-04     African States, Kingdoms & Empires (elective)

ANTH 350-06     Human Rights in Global Perspective (elective)

ANTH 470-01     Societal Collapse (capstone)


ECON 300-04     Cities, Migration & Informalty (elective)

ECON 322-02     Envir/Natrl Resource Econ (elective)

ECON 382           Comparative Economics (elective)

ECON 485           Globalization and Inequality (elective)


GOVT 311           European Politics (elective, Part C)

GOVT 312           Politics of Developing Countries (elective, Part C)

GOVT 334           Russia & Post-Soviet Politics (elective, Part C)

GOVT 336           Politics of China & Japan (elective, Part C)

GOVT 381           Human Geography (elective)

GOVT 391-04     Politics of Nuclear Weapons (elective)

GOVT 391-08     The Jewish Political Tradition (elective)

GOVT 392-02     Chinese Political Thought (elective)

GOVT 402-01     Borders, Boundaries, & Democracy (capstone)

GOVT 403-01     SE Asia Autocracy & Democracy (capstone)

GOVT 403-03     Political Islam (capstone)

GOVT 404-01     Transitional Justice (capstone)

GOVT 404-03     Intl Relations on Film (capstone)

GOVT 440-01     State Building in Afghanistan (capstone)

GOVT 482-01     Geostrategic Thought (capstone)


HIST 310-01     The Jewish Political Tradition (elective)

HIST 312           U.S. Interventions in Latin America (elective, Part C)

HIST 320           Nubia in American Thought (elective, Part C)

HIST 353           American in the World, 1901-Pres (elective, Part C)

HIST 363           Absolutism in Europe, 1648-1870 (elective, Part C)

HIST 377           History of Russia to 1800 (elective, Part C)

HIST 491C-01  China & Japan in War & Peace (capstone)

HIST 491C-03  Int'l Politics of the 1930s (capstone)

HIST 491C-05  Terror & Memory in Latin America (capstone)

HIST 491C-08  Race & Racism in the Americas (capstone)


SOCL 308        Environmental Sociology (elective)

SOCL 314        Politics of Global Health (elective)

SOCL 340-03  Political Ecology Conservation (elective)

SOCL 362-1/2 Medical Sociology (elective)