Awards in the Natural and Computational Sciences

W&M Recipients

Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Charles Fancher, Physics
    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Seth Aubin
    Experimental Observation of the AC Zeeman Effect
 Award for Excellence
  • Rony G. Kalfarisi, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Gina Hoatson
    Investigation of cation ordering in dielectric oxides microwave ceramics using 7Li and 93Nb solid-state NMR and first principle calculation
Honorable Mention
  • Xin Wang, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Sasha Mordijck
    Role of Turbulence and Shear Flow in Determining Plasma Density Profiles in Tokamaks
  • Shanhe Yi, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    HISE: Head Gesture Interface for Smart Eyewears
Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Vitek Jirinec, Biology
    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Matthias Leu
    Wood Thrush microhabitat associations: implications for species persistence in human-modified landscapes
 Award for Excellence
  • Elizabeth Radue, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Irina Novikova
    Surface Plasmon Resonance and Insulator-Metal Transition in Gold and Vanadium Dioxide Bilayer Films
Honorable Mention
  • Ed Novak,Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    A Study of the Effect of Deep UV (172nm) Irradiation on Polyimide Surfaces
  • Melissa Beebe, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. R. Ale Lukaszew
    Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhancement via Oblique Thin Film Deposition on Gratings
Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Yudistira Virgus, Physics 
    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Henry Krakauer 
    The Stability, Energetics, and Magnetic States of Cobalt Adatoms Adsorbed on Graphene
Award for Excellence
  • Yunhan Long, Applied Science
    Advisor: Dr. Leah Shaw
    Effect of communication on epidemic spreading in adaptive social networks with awareness
  • Yifan Zhang, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li

    CacheKeeper: A System-wide Web Caching Service for Smartphones

Honorable Mention
  •  David Nguyen, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Gang Zhou
    Smartphone Energy Savings through I/O Path Optimizations
  • Joshua MageePhysics
    Advisor: Dr. David Armstrong

    The Qweak Experiment: Implications from the First Determination

Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Jessica Ebers, Biology
    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Daniel Cristol
    The Effect of Methylmercury on Immune Responnse to a Common Parasite in Zebra Finches
Award for Excellence
  • William Roach, Applied Science
    Advisor: Dr. R. Ale Lukaszew
     Niobium Nitride Thin Films and Multilayers for Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities

  • Yudistira Virgus, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Henry Krakauer
    Ab initio many-body study of cobalt adatoms adsorbed on graphene

Honorable Mention
  • Hao Han, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    DozyAP: Power-Efficient Wi-Fi Tethering
  • Wei WeiComputer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li

    LBSNSim: A Trace-driven Model for Online Location-based Social Networks

Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Matt Simons, Physics

    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Irina Novikova
    Bright squeezed light from a whispering-gallery mode resonator via second harmonic generation

Award for Excellence
  • Yudistira Virgus, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Henry Krakauer
    Many-body effects in cobalt adatoms absorbed on graphene

Honorable Mention
  • Kathleen Moorem, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Pieter Peers
    The Effect of Translucency on Photometric Stereo

  • Wei Wei, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    MobiShare: Flexible Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing in Mobile Online Social Networks

Northrop Grumman Corporation Award
  • Wei Wei, Computer Science

    The College of William and Mary, Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    SybilDefender: Defend Against Sybil Attacks in Large Social Networks

Award for Excellence
  • Zhengrui Qin, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    A Prototype System for Cardiac Telemetry

Honorable Mention
  • Travis S. Horrom, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Eugeniy Mikhailov
    Polarization Self-Rotation in an Ultra-Cold Atomic Cloud

  • Fengyuan Xu, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Qun Li
    IMDGuard: Securing Implantable Medical Devices with the External Wearable Guardian

Incogen, Inc. Award
  • Sara Kampfe, Chemistry
    Advisor: Dr. Deborah Bebout
    Processing and Conversion of Algae to Bioethanol
Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute Award
  • Duy Le, Computer Science
    College of William & Mary. Advisor: Dr. Haining Wang
    Detecting Kernel Level Keyloggers Through Dynamic Taint Analysis
Award for Excellence
  • Lei Lu, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Evgenia Smirni

    Blocking for Efficient Server Overload Management under Bursty Arrivals
Honorable Mention
  • Shahla Nasserasr, Applied Science/Mathematics
    Advisor: Dr. Charles Johnson
    Conditions for a TP2-Completion
  • Kevin Smith, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Gunter Luepke
    Optical Control of Ultrafast Spin-wave Relaxation by Magnetic Anisotropy in a Ferromagnet
Incogen, Inc. Award
  • Erik Spahr, Physics
    Advisor: Dr. Gunter Luepke
    A New Look at Proton Conduction in Perovskite Oxides
Award for Excellence
  • Chuan Yue, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Haining Wang
    Anti-Phishing in Offense and Defense
Honorable Mention
  • Ashley R. DeCarme, Biology
    Advisor: Dr. Eric Engstrom

    Ethylene Production in Plants: Is the ACC Oxidase Enzyme at Work in Selaginella moellendorffii?
  • M. Louise Lammons, Biology
    Advisors: Dr. S. Laurie Sanderson and Dr. Randy Chambers

    Mud and Mucus: Feeding Selectivity in a Suspension-feeding Detritivorous Fish
Incogen, Inc. Award
  • Ningfang Mi, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Evgenia Smirni
    Performance Impacts of Autocorrelated Flows in Multi-tiered Systems
Award for Excellence
  • Jonathan Holley, Biology
    Advisor: Dr. Randolph M. Chambers
    Water Quality in Headwater Streams: A Test of Best Management Practices
Honorable Mention
  • Mary Levillain, Psychology
    Advisor: Dr. Pamela S. Hunt
    Can Nicotine Ameliorate Memory Deficits found in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
  • Meghan Revelle, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. David Coppit
    How to Find a Needle in a Digital Haystack
Award for Excellence
  • Andriy Fedorov, Computer Science
    Advisor: Dr. Nikos Chrisochoides

    Near-Real-Time Nonrigid Registration for Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Commodity and Grid Computing
Honorable Mention
  • Alex Gunerson, Biology, 
    Advisor: Dr. John Swaddle
    Resistance of Melanized Feathers to Bacterial Degradation: Is it Really so Black and White?
  • Caitlin Kight, Applied Science
    Advisor: Dr. John Swaddle
    Does Historical Exposure to Humans Affect Current Responses to Anthropogenic Disturbance? A Multispecies Comparison
  • Elise Larsen, Biology
    Advisor: Dr. Bryan Watts
    Do Birds Like McDonalds? How Diet Affects Bird Diversity in the City