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Books published by William & Mary faculty in 2021

The following books were authored or edited by William & Mary faculty members and published in 2021. Books are listed in alphabetical order within the following categories: arts & sciences, business, education and marine science. Additional categories may be added throughout the year as more books are published. The information contained herein was submitted by the authors. Additional books may be submitted via this online form. - Ed.

Arts & Sciences
Ars Antiqua: Music and Culture in Europe c. 1150-1330

By Thomas B. Payne (co-editor and contributor of a chapter to the volume), the David N. and Margaret C. Bottoms Professor of Music

This volume presents new contributions that address the principal polyphonic musical genres of the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries (organum, motet, conductus). It also treats vernacular and monophonic songs, issues of musical and poetic aesthetics, manuscript tradition and production, authorship, liturgical practices, the continuance of "ars antiqua" ideas well into the fourteenth-century era of the "ars nova," and the role that information technologies may play in future "ars antiqua" scholarship.

Published by Brepols Publishers in Turnhout, Belgium | More information

The Art of Useless: Fashion, Media, and Consumer Culture in Contemporary China

By Calvin Hui, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies (Class of 1952 Associate Professor of Chinese Studies, beginning in fall 2021)

Since embarking on economic reforms in 1978, the People’s Republic of China has also undergone a sweeping cultural reorganization, from proletarian culture under Mao to middle-class consumer culture today. Under these circumstances, how has a Chinese middle class come into being, and how has consumerism become the dominant ideology of an avowedly socialist country? "The Art of Useless" offers an innovative way to understand China’s unprecedented political-economic, social and cultural transformations, showing how consumer culture helps anticipate, produce and shape a new middle-class subjectivity.

Published by Columbia University Press | More information

The Impact of Lunar Dust on Human Exploration

Edited by Joel S. Levine, Research Professor, Department of Applied Science

When the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969, they discovered that the surface of the Moon was covered with several inches of very fine, tiny particles composed of very sharp, glassy material. The lunar dust stuck to everything it came in contact with and eroded the astronaut's spacesuits, seals, equipment, instrumentation, irritated their eyes and lungs, etc. As the U.S. is now planning to return humans to the Moon as early as 2024, the lunar dust problem must be significantly mitigated or reduced. This book summarizes the lunar dust problems for human exploration on the Moon and suggests potential dust mitigation/reduction solutions.

Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK | More information

Nonlinear Optimization: Models and Applications

By William P. Fox, Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics

This book covers nonlinear optimization methods in 2 and more variables with both unconstrained and constrained methods. Both analytical and numerical approximations methods are covered. There are many applied problems as examples.

Published by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group | More information

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Human Resources Management and Ethics: Responsibilities, Actions, Issues, and Experiences

By Ronald R. Sims, Floyd Dewey Gottwald Professor, and Sheri K. Bias, Adjunct Professor

The book explores and provides an in-depth look at the responsibilities, actions, issues and experiences related to HRM and ethics for individual employees, organizations and the broader society. More specifically, the book discusses the ever evolving role of HRM professionals in taking on more responsibility for developing and institutionalizing an ethical culture in their organizations (i.e., public, private, not-for-profit, academic, etc.).

Published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. | More information

Leadership, Leaders and Leading

By Ronald R. Sims, Floyd Dewey Gottwald Professor

The book is based on the premise that effective leaders need to be able to establish a shared vision and accompanying strategy that other members of the organization strongly believe in and are willing to help execute. The book argues that we can continue to learn from traditional and contemporary theories and myths about effective leadership & leaders and how they can successfully lead an increasingly diverse and demanding workforce, consumers and the broader society.

Published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. | More information

Succeeding as a Frontline Manager in Today's Organizations

By Ronald R. Sims, Floyd Dewey Gottwald Professor

This book examines both the traditional and contemporary skills todays frontline managers must have at a minimum and those they must successfully learn to implement to fulfill their critical roles and responsibilities.
The book argues that FLMs will continue to play a critical role in helping their organizations pursue and achieve their strategic, tactical and operational goas efficiently and effectively.

Published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. | More information 

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Career Development Interventions (6th edition)

By Spencer Niles, W&M Professor of Education, and JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, Kuder, Inc.

This is the best selling text on career development interventions used in counseling, psychology, and social work programs to prepare practitioners to foster positive career development in their clients.

Published by Pearson | More information

Career Flow and Development: Hope in Action

By Spencer Niles, W&M Professor of Education, Norman Amundson, Roberta Neault and Hyung Joon Yoon

This book is based on the concept of flow and applied to helping university students understand the career development and manage the career development process.

Published by Cognella Press | More information

Career Recovery: Creating Careers with Hope in Difficult Times

By Spencer Niles, W&M Professor of Education, Norman Amundson, Roberta Neault and Hyung Joon Yoon

This book is intended for unemployed adults seeking re-entry into the workforce and is especially relevant for the pandemic recovery period.

Published by Cognella Press | More information

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Marine Science 
Chesapeake Bay Explorer's Guide

By David Malmquist, Director, VIMS News and Media Services

"Chesapeake Bay Explorer’s Guide" is the perfect reference for those who want to know more about the things they see in and around the famous estuary, whether they are relaxing on a beach, paddling through a saltmarsh or watching workboats duck beneath a drawbridge. Explore more than 14,000 miles of shoreline, myriad hiking trails and scores of wildlife preserves nestled between resort towns and other attractions. With more than 600 full-color photos, this guide highlights plants, animals and cultural artifacts from across the Bay ecosystem, and is aimed at both visitors and resident day-trippers.

Published by Globe Pequot | More information

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