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Majoring in Environment & Sustainability

To balance between breadth and depth of training, the Environment & Sustainability major is a secondary major. You will declare a primary major in another subject field either before or at the same time as you declare your ENSP major. Since ENSP is a secondary major, the ENSP degree offered (B.A. or B.S.) is determined by the primary major.

We offer three tracks within the major: the Environmental Science track, the Environmental Policy track, and the Environmental Humanities track. 

You can structure your ENSP major so that it complements almost any primary major. Students studying a natural science typically choose the Science track, those focusing on social sciences usually choose Policy, and those studying a humanities discipline typically choose the Humanities track.

You will develop a course of study that will connect the depth of understanding you gain from your primary major with the breadth of your ENSP major. Your ENSP major advisor will help you choose courses that provide these connections and support your long-term career goals.

Non-classroom, hands-on experiences are a requirement for all tracks. These capstone experiences could be internships, research projects, study abroad, or off-campus programs as a field camp or NSF REU program.