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Ph.D. in Data Science

At W&M, doctoral work in Data Science leads to a Ph.D. in Applied Science with a concentration in Data Science.

What is the focus of a Ph.D. in Data Science

While undergraduate education prepares students to use existing solutions, the focus of the Ph.D. program is to prepare innovators. Our Ph.D. students learn how to advance the state-of-the-art by developing novel methodologies which harness the power of large datasets to provide actionable answers to increasingly complex questions.

Through this education, our Ph.D. graduates are ready to become future leaders in industry, government, research, or academia. They gain a deep knowledge of data science techniques including data engineering, algorithm development, and problem definition. At the same time, they gain a deep understanding of the broad ramifications of the use of data, especially as they become increasingly linked to societal activities.

What to Expect

Be prepared for a rigorous program that emphasizes highly distributed analyses of large datasets. You will take courses in both the underlying mathematical foundations and computational techniques to define, implement, and validate models across a range of disciplines.

Most of our students are, at heart, methodologists, not specialists in a particular discipline. They are interested in the use of computation and data to answer questions that define our society. They are less interested in which field(s) those questions may overlap.

See the Graduate Catalog for details.

How to Apply

Data Science Ph.D. students are admitted to the Graduate program in Applied Science, in which they will earn a specialization of Data Science. Requirements for the program itself, as well as all information related to applications for admission, can be found there.