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Data Science Minor

Who should minor in Data Science

Data Science minors learn the tools and techniques for extracting meaning from large sets of data. Any discipline can have large data sets. So, anyone, in any major, can minor in Data Science.

Most Data Scientists have deep expertise in only a few knowledge domains. They use our tools to deepen their understanding of those fields. In our opinion, this makes Data Science the perfect minor: it can enhance the study of almost any topic.

Planning the Data Science Minor

Remember that only two courses can count toward both your major and minor. In order to fit in the required coursework, you should declare your Data Science minor no later than the second semester of your junior year.

All Data Science minors take

  • a programming course (DATA 141, CSCI 140, or CSCI 141),
  • an introduction to Data Science course (DATA 146/201),
  • an ethics course (DATA 202, PHIL 215, PHIL 303, or PHIL 330), 
  • a course on applied machine learning (DATA 301/310), and
  • at least five elective credits from approved courses.

In rare circumstances, you may substitute some courses with permission from the associate director.

We encourage Data Science students to be active outside the classroom. Take advantage of internships, participate in faculty-led research projects, or study abroad.  

Questions? Contact the Data Science Associate Director.

How to declare the Data Science minor

Review the minor's degree requirements and approved courses in the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Complete the Declaration of Academic Minor form [pdf]. Be sure to include all required courses.
  • Sign and date the form.
  • Save the form as a  .doc/.docx or .pdf file Use this naming convention:
    • Student's Last Name_FirstName_MI_930number_Form.pdf
    • EXAMPLE: Doe_Jane_R_930123456_Form.pdf
  • If your proposed plan of study includes courses that are not approved for the minor, include a one-paragraph statement justifying that choice and the syllabus for the course. Use these naming conventions for those documents:
    • Student's Last Name_FirstName_MI_930number_Justification.pdf
    • Student's Last Name_FirstName_MI_930number_SyllabusCourseNumber.pdf
    • EXAMPLE: Doe_Jane_R_930123456_Justification.pdf
    • EXAMPLE: Doe_Jane_R_930123456_SyllabusGOVT378.pdf
  • Attach the completed form along with any supporting documentation to an email and send to Heather Power,
  • Do not include anything in the body of the email - just send the attachment. This is going to a Box folder, and Box can only handle the attachment.

It takes about 2 weeks for us to process your application. If you don't hear anything from us after 2 weeks, contact the Administrative Coordinator.