Examination Commitee and Oral Exam

The examination committee will consist of your advisor and at least two other qualified individuals. At least one of those individuals must come from outside of the Classical Studies faculty. You may give your advisor suggestions as to who should be asked to sit on your committee, but the ultimate decision will be his/hers, and is subject to the approval both of the department chair and the Charles Center.

The examination itself should last at least one hour. Friends, family members, and other spectators will not be allowed to attend. You can expect to be asked very specific questions about your thesis and about more general issues that your thesis touches upon. Confer with your advisor ahead of time for advice on what sorts of questions to be prepared for.

When the exam is over you will be excused from the room while the committee confers on whether you have earned honors and, if so, on what level.

Bring three copies of your title page on acid-free paper. If your examination is successful the members of your committee will sign these pages. One copy will be submitted to the Charles Center and the others are for the copies of your thesis that you will submit to the library and to the department.