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The Charles Center administers the Honors program in Arts & Sciences. Learn more about their guidelines and procedures. The Charles Center also offers scholarships that can be used for honors research.

All students, especially those with plans to continue their academic careers beyond the BA, are encouraged to consider pursuing honors. You can earn honors at William & Mary by researching and writing an honors thesis, a substantial (40-50 page) work based on original research into primary source material and pertinent modern scholarship, and by defending the thesis in an oral examination. Graduating with honors can add to the value of your William & Mary diploma and make you a more attractive candidate for jobs, graduate schools and professional programs. Working on an honors thesis also gives you practice in serious research, writing and revising, and provides you an opportunity to get involved with the scholarship relating to your field of concentration at a higher level than students normally do as undergraduates.

In the Department of Classical Studies you can pursue honors in Greek, Latin or Classical Civilization. Majors in the department are also free to pursue honors in other departments as well as interdisciplinary honors involving two or more fields.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements set by the College and the Charles Center, you must also fulfill the requirements set by the department of Classical Studies as described on the following pages.