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Additional Questions

What form will your "honors" take?

Depending on the quality of your thesis and your performance on the oral examination, the honors you earn will be reported on your transcript as Honors, High Honors or Highest Honors.

What will you receive as a grade for your honors work?

After your first semester of work you will receive a grade of G for GREEK/LATIN/CIV 495. After your oral examination, your committee will decide on your grade for both 495 and 496.

If you do an honors thesis, do you also have to complete the Major Writing Requirement?

No. If you turn in an acceptable thesis, the Department will certify you as having satisfied your major writing requirement (this applies only to Classical Studies majors; non-Classical Studies majors will still have to fulfill the major writing requirement in their major).

What if for any reason you are unable to complete your honors thesis?

Here is what the Charles Center has to say on this topic:

  1. If it becomes evident before the end of the first term that the student will not complete the project, the student and the supervising faculty member must either 1) withdraw the student from Honors 495; or 2) change the Honors 495 designation to an appropriate alternative, such as independent study, by contacting the Charles Center.
  2. If the project continues into the second semester and it then becomes evident that the project will not be completed by the submission deadline (two weeks before the last day of classes of the student's graduating semester), the student and the supervising faculty member must either: 1) change Honors 495 and 496 to appropriate alternatives (in most cases, independent study) by contacting the Charles Center; or 2) declare an incomplete, which can only be done in extraordinary circumstances and with departmental approval. The student and advisor must agree to firm new deadlines for the thesis and the defense and must submit these deadlines to the Committee for Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies.
  3. If upon completion of the oral defense the examination committee determines that the thesis does not merit honors, the committee must change Honors 495 and 496 to appropriate alternatives and award the student grades for these courses.

    Thus, under no circumstances may Honors 495 and/or 496 remain on the transcript of a student who is not awarded honors by the examining committee.

Who pays for the expenses of researching, typing, printing, obtaining the proper paper and copying of your honors thesis?

In general, you do. If you participate in the Charles Center's Honors Colloquium, the Center will pay for the binding of one copy of your thesis. Otherwise, you are responsible for paying for all expenses related to the production of the necessary copies of your thesis, including one for the departmental collection, one for your thesis advisor, and one for the College. The Charles Center also offers several scholarship opportunities that can be tied in to research on your honors thesis. Check their website for more details.