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Classical Studies Faculty & Staff 2019-20: L to R: Mitch Brown, Bill Hutton, Georgia Irby, Joyce Holmes, Molly Swetnam-Burland, Rob Nichols, Lily Panoussi, Jessica Stephens, Andrew Ward.   Unable to make the photoshoot: Jessica Paga, Barbette Spaeth, John Donahue, Michael Halleran.

Mitchell Brown

Brown, Mitchell
Assistant Professor
Office: Morton 335
Phone: 757 221 7950
email: [[mdbrown02]]
Research interests: Greek comedy

Donahue, John
Professor and Dean for Educational Policy
Office: Ewell Hall
Phone: 757 221 2469
Email: [[jfdona]]
Research interests: Roman history; food and drink in antiquity


Halleran, Michael
NEH Professor of Classical Studies
Office: Morton 326
Phone: 757 221 2163
Email: [[halleran]]
Research interests: Greek literature, especially tragedy

William Hutton

Hutton, William
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 330
Phone: 757 221 2161
Email: [[hutton]]
Research interests: Ancient Greek prose and Imperial literature

Georgia Irby

Irby, Georgia
Professor and Chair
Office: Morton 329
Phone: 757 221 2162
Email: [[glirby]]
Research interests: Science & Society, Greek/Latin Pedagogy
Webpage: {{}}

Jessica Paga

Paga, Jessica
Assistant Professor
Office: Morton 328
Phone: 757 221 5301
Email: [[jpaga]]
Research interests:: Greek archaeology, architectural history, ritual theory

Panoussi, Vassiliki
Office: Morton Hall 333
Phone: 757 221 2993
Email: [[panoussi]]
Research interests: Latin literature

Spaeth, Barbette
Phone: 757 221 7365
Email: [[bsspae]]
Research interests: Ancient religion and magic

Jessica Stephens

Stephens, Jessica
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Morton 336
Phone: 757 221 2160
Research interests: Roman history of the late republic


Swetnam-Burland, Molly
Adina Allen Term Distinguished Associate Professor
Office: Morton 332
Phone: 757 221 2164
Email: [[mswetnam]]
Research interests: Roman Art & Archaeology
Webpage: {{}}

Andrew Ward

Ward, Andrew
Office: Morton 334
phone: 757 221 1930
email: [[alward01]]
Research interests: Greek archaeology and art