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Honors Research

The Chemistry Department offers a strong research program for undergraduates. A significant number of chemistry majors conduct Honors Research as a capstone course. Honors Projects are year-long, intensive research projects conducted under the supervision of your research advisor.

The Honors Program is only open to you if you meet the guidelines set by the College and get permission of your research advisor. Honors research culminates with a written paper and an oral defense of your research thesis. Honors research credit applies to ACS approval. Check out the completed Honors projects to get a sense of what sort of projects are successful.

Once admitted to the Honors Program, you will be registered for CHEM 495 (Fall) and CHEM 496 (Spring). The class time of 3 - 4:20 pm on Fridays is required so you can attend department seminars. Actual research times are arranged with the faculty mentor.

Deadline and application information can be found on the Charles Center website.