Undergraduate Program

New Curriculum

Note that our major requirements changed in Fall 2017.

If you declared your major after August 2017, you will follow the new curriculum. If you declared your major before August 2017, you will follow the old curriculum. Talk to your major advisor if you have questions.

Our course numbering has also changed.

These files might help:

William & Mary has one of the premier undergraduate programs of chemistry in the country. Many of our graduates complete ACS approved degrees, and we have a strong commitment to undergraduate research. All courses, including laboratories, are taught by faculty members, and we strive to provide a significant amount of personalized interactions with our students. Alumni of the department include university professors, research scientists, physicians, lawyers, dentists, executives, directors of research, secondary school teachers, and administrators. We never know where we'll find one of our majors - the study of chemistry opens many doors.

Also, many students who are not chemistry majors need chemistry courses for their studies. We help support the biology, geology, physics, environmental science and biochemistry programs.

Note that our major requirements and some of our courses changed in Fall 2017. These files might help: