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Alumni and friends of the department enhance the quality of studies and research in chemistry immensely through donations and the establishment of endowed funds. Your contribution to the Chemistry Department will help our faculty members provide the best learning experience for our students. Funding priorities include instrumentation, undergraduate summer research and scholarships.

You may contribute on-line with your credit card, using our secure web server. Using this link, the contribution form will be preset to direct your gift to the General Chemistry Fund (# 2967) which provides essential support for the most pressing needs of chemistry students and faculty.

To make a contribution to a specific fund or endowment, please click on a link below and a preset contribution form will open in your browser. You can make contributions with a credit card or find More Ways to Make Your Gift. To find out more about these or other targeted funds endowments, please email or call the Chemistry Chair, [[rdpike,Robert D. Pike]], at 757-221-2540.

General Chemistry Fund (# 2967) 
This fund directly supports the academic and research needs of chemistry students and faculty.

Chemistry Summer Research Fund (# 4953)
This fund directly provides research support to the 45-50 W&M Chemistry majors and their faculty mentors who participate in summer research each year.

Chemistry Student Opportunity Fund (# 5173) This fund was established to encourage undergraduate chemistry majors, especially women, to excel  in their field.

ISC Special Equipment Fund for Chemistry (# 3981)
This fund supports the maintenance and scheduled replacement of the department’s state-of-the-art chemical instrumentation. Sophisticated and up-to-date instruments are critical to faculty to be competitive in research productivity and securing research grants, and to students for their education and exposure to advanced chemical analysis.

Alfred Armstrong Memorial Fund (# 2020)
This fund was established in 1996 in honor of long-time faculty member, Alfred Armstrong, who began his relationship with the department as an undergraduate student in the 1920s. Donations to this fund may be used to benefit Chemistry in a number of ways, including the purchase of laboratory equipment, support for student summer research, and travel to conferences, as well as departmental publications including the annual newsletter.

Endowments for Scholarships and Awards

Chemistry has several endowments that are used to support chemistry students through academic and/or research scholarships and awards. Donors can directly contribute to an established endowment below. Donors can also email or call the Chemistry Chair, [[rdpike,Robert D. Pike]], or Arts & Sciences Development at 757-221-1805 for specifics on other endowments, or talk about setting up a new one.

William G. Guy Endowment (# 0565)This endowment is used to support the annual prize given to the top graduating senior in Chemistry based upon academic achievement as well as dedication to research. This award was established by generous donors in 1982 in honor of former Chemistry Professor William G. Guy.

Chemistry Summer Laboratory Research Endowment (# 5101) The Chemistry Department will use this newly established endowment to fund scholarships for chemistry students for summer research. Although many students are supported by internal and external grants, the Chemistry Department can support a larger summer research program by awarding additional deserving students with scholarships.

Dr. Alfred R. Armstrong Chemistry Scholarship Endowment (# 4104) This endowment provides need-based scholarship assistance to chemistry majors who are residents of Virginia.

Kranbuehl-Thompson Graduate Fellowship Fund (# 3188) Contributions to this fund support supplemental fellowships offered annually to one new and one continuing Chemistry Master’s student with exceptional professional promise.