Blow 201 Policies and Procedures

The Roy R. Charles Center is pleased to make Blow 201 available to College departments, programs and offices for official academic focused events. The Charles Center will give scheduling priority to Arts and Sciences related events. Please Note – Events not related to the college’s academic departments and programs will not be scheduled in Blow 201. Please carefully read the following policies and procedures, and contact the Charles Center (221-2460) if you have any questions.

General Policies

All events must be approved by the Charles Center prior to room use. After you have filled out the Blow 201 online reservation form, you will be notified by email to confirm that your event has been scheduled, or that Blow 201 is unavailable at that time. When requesting times, please be sure to include sufficient time for set-up and clean-up.

Smoking is not permitted in Blow 201.

Animals are not permitted in Blow 201 unless they are assisting people with disabilities.

No tape permitted on floors, walls, sounds boards, or furnishings.

Furniture cannot be removed from Blow 201.

If there is a problem or an emergency, please notify Campus Police (221-4596) or a Charles Center staff member immediately.

By submitting the Blow 201 reservation form, you agree to accept responsibility on behalf of your organization for any expenses incurred as a result of your event or your failure to comply with these policies. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to: repairs, special cleaning costs, and replacement of lost, stolen or damaged items.

Reception: 75
Lecture/Conference: 50

Furniture and Room Arrangements

The Charles Center owns 46 stacking chairs, 4 rectangular tables, and 1 round table 60” in diameter. Each table will comfortably sit 6-7 people. You may use these tables and chairs for your event free of charge. If you need additional furniture, you will need to contact Facilities Management. Groups using the room are responsible for providing their own table linens.There are two options available for setting up the room for your event. You may either place an online work order with Facilities Management or have members of your organization set up and break down the room. Facilities Management will charge a fee to set up or break down tables and chairs.

Unless other arrangements are made with the Charles Center, you are expected to restore the room to its original appearance at the conclusion of your event. 

Food Events

You are free to use any caterer you wish, or bring your own refreshments. Alcohol may be served to anyone over 21. Be advised that there is not a kitchen or storage closet available for food and drinks. Please make sure your caterers are aware of this, and ask them to contact the Charles Center to discuss the use of space and/or schedule a walk-through if needed.

After working hours (M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.), caterers may set up and serve from the outer hallway where the half-round receptionist desk is located. 

A/V Equipment

The Charles Center has a 65” LCD TV that is available for use. You must provide your own laptop. If you will need a DVD player, video player, or cable hook-up please be sure to include that in your online request.

If you will be using any Charles Center equipment, you must visit the Charles Center prior to your event so that you can be shown how to properly use the equipment. The Charles Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Cleaning/Closing Up

All spills and food on the windowsills and floors must be cleaned up. If the Charles Center tables were used, wipe up all food and drink stains before returning them to their original places. If your event ends after working hours, all lights must be turned off. Please be sure to also correctly turn off all A/V equipment and lock the door.

Groups that do not follow these guidelines may jeopardize future use of Blow 201 for you/your department/program. 

Please Note – Events not related to the college’s academic departments and programs will not be scheduled in Blow 201