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COLL 350

On December 3, 2019, the Arts & Sciences faculty approved the COLL 350 Diversity, Equity and Justice course requirement (formerly COLL 199). The requirement "enhances students' knowledge and facilitates their critical analysis of the workings of power, privilege, and inequity in U.S. society and globally, past and present." The COLL 350 requirement will go into effect with the class matriculating in Fall 2021. You can view the full language of the requirement on the Education Policy Committee's website.

The CLA has prepared various resources to assist faculty with adapting existing or creating new courses to meet the learning objectives of COLL 350. The EPC has invited applications for pilot courses in Spring 2021. Due to pandemic conditions, the CLA will continue to offer COLL 350 conversations, workshops, and individual meetings with faculty throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Please see our events calendar and invitations to faculty to participate. You can also find resources on the CLA website and on the Blackboard COLL 350 Resources page, to which all faculty have been enrolled.

Throughout the development of COLL 350, the CLA has leaned into its role of coaching faculty to incorporate the various skills outlined in the curriculum. To this end, the materials on this website address skillsets identified in the COLL 350 language while leaving the specific course content development to the faculty.