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Integrated Science Center

  • Integrated Science Center
    Integrated Science Center  New landscaping planted outside ISC2 (formerly Rogers Hall) after the renovation was completed in 2009. In the background is the sculpture "Oliver" by Robert M. Engman, who was Artist-in-Residence in 1979.  
  • Zelkova serrata
    Zelkova serrata  Several mature Zelkova trees along ISC2, formerly Rogers Hall.  
  • Zelkova serrata
    Zelkova serrata  Closeup showing the Zelkova's serrated leaves.  
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Construction of the Integrated Science Center has brought changes to the landscape in this area, with a large new building to the east of Millington Hall (ISC1) and major renovations to Rogers Hall (now ISC2). The two buildings were completed in 2008-09 and offer greatly improved facilities to the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

Several mature Zelkova trees (Zelkova serrata) are planted along the south walkway of ISC2.