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ISC Greenhouse

  • Euphorbia Splendens
    Euphorbia Splendens  The Crown of Thorns plant gets its name from the spines that guard its stems.  
  • Hymenocallis occidentalis
    Hymenocallis occidentalis  Woodland spiderlily.  
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gh roof view

The newly built Biology Department's greenhouse encompasses 4,000 square feet and is located on the roof of the Integrated Science Center. The greenhouse houses student and faculty research projects, plants that are grown by staff and students to use in courses, and a conservatory collection that provides examples of a variety of pantropical species in many different plant families demonstrating adaptations and special life forms.  Group tours of the facility can be arranged.  Call 757-221-1819 for more information.

A beautifully flowering specimen of Veltheimia glauca.