Alumni Updates: 1980s


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 1980 and 1989. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for updates received this year.

Susan Piedmont-Palladino '80 (B.A. Art History) writes: "I'm one month in to a year long project at the National
Building Museum, where I'm a curator. Called Intelligent Cities ( it will encompass a public outreach campaign, a forum in the summer, a book, and finally an exhibition. Intelligent Cities, supported by its partners TIME and IBM and funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, explores the intersection of information technology and urban design." (2010)

Christine "Tina" Epps '82 (B.A., Fine Arts Education) Once again Christine will take a tour group to Europe. They will travel to France and England July 14-23 of 2009. This tour includes the areas of London, Canterbury, Paris, Chartres, Normandy, St. Malo Island, and Mt. Saint Michel. Naturally, they will say hello to Mona Lisa at the Louvre. (2009)

Marsha Vayvada '82 (B.A. Fine Arts) writes: “I wanted to let you know that joey notes (my card line) was featured on Mohawk paper's website, “Felt & Wire” two days ago.” (2010)Liz (Radday) Starr '85 (B.A. Fine Arts/Art History) writes: “Post-W&M I did temp work and a year as administrative assistant to the Managing Editor of the Washington Times, where I met Richard. We've been married since 1989, and living in Arlington, VA (and Indianapolis, 1994-95). Our son Nick is a W&M sophomore, double major in Math/Computer Science (Richard's genes!). Richard is Deputy Editor at the Weekly Standard magazine. I taught art history and drawing as a volunteer at Nick's middle school, co-chaired Decorations for his high school's All-Night Grad Party, and have taught art with Arlington County Adult Ed. This summer I traveled with competitive drum corps Carolina Crown and made short films about the experience. Shooting for the Flat Hat was the start of my passion for photography, which lives on, and I'm currently exploring plein air painting. You can visit me here: 

Marcia (Anderson) Mallet '83 (B.A. Art History) writes: "I have started a small independent press, Violet Press

(, and have enjoyed working with artists to illustrate two of our recent books. I would be interested in hearing from W&M art and art history alumni with book ideas. (2010)

Thomas A. Wong '83 stopped by to say hello in March. He is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in Hong Kong. (2009)

Rick Hoffman '84 has purchased an old building in downtown Covington, Kentucky to become a teaching studio for ceramics classes and gallery space. (2009)

Cynthia Robinson '84 is Associate Professor of Medieval and Islamic Art History in the departments of New Eastern Studies and Art & Archaeology at Cornell University. She is the author of several books and articles. (2009)

Kristine Scharf Kainer '86 (Studio Art) After earning her M.Ed. and working for years as a mathematics teacher in Virginia, Kristine finally realized her dream of becoming an artist. With her family's encouragement, she recently launched her new website,, where visitors can view her artworks in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. With studios in Georgetown and Schulenburg, Texas, Kristine's name is making the rounds in local art circles, and her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the United States and Canada as well as in local galleries in Texas. (2009)

Marc Thompson '87 (Art History) A few years after graduating from GW, Marc went on to law school and became an attorney. He practiced condominium association law for a time and is now employed by the U.S. Attorney's Office in D.C., in criminal appeals. Marc says that having an art history education has been valuable and worthwhile. Not only does it make travel more interesting for him, but also the skills and knowledge he acquired in studying art history were very adaptable to the study of law. (2009)

Bruce Pask '89 (Art History) Bruce is editor of "T: Men's Fashion" (The New York Times Style Magazine). He has just celebrated his second anniversary as editor and previously worked as a fashion editor and journalist for Condé Nast and other publications. Bruce is also a costume designer; you can see his latest creations in the current Broadway revival of "Promises, Promises." (2010)

Dave Stephenson '89Dave Stevenson, Young Pegasus You can view Dave's work on his website: Dave continues to create jewelry and small sculptures for charity events in addition to his commercial line. (2009)