Alumni Updates: 1970s


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 1970 and 1979. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for updates received this year.

Taylor (Barbour) Bordogna '74 (B.A. Fine Arts, Honors in Painting) writes: “My Buckle Series works were included in the Spartanburg Artists' Guild juried show that opened in August at the Carolina Gallery in Spartanburg. I also had a one woman show at Cannons Elementary Gallery in August/September. From the artist's statement for that show: The works in this show cover a wide range of my interests. They are all recent work, done in the last year or two. I have always enjoyed picking up little things others have discarded and including them in my work: rocks, seashells, bird feathers, butterfly wings. Lately I have experimented with more confidence, in the belief that it is ok to add things that aren't generally considered fine art if I feel like it. If Robert Rauschenberg and Miriam Shapiro could do it, I'm in good company.  For several years I have been working toward art that encompasses my joy in fiber as well as drawing and painting. The crocheted Picasso and the shopping bag bowls are two examples of that impulse. I find meaning and commonalities in old photos of family and of strangers in antique stores. I enjoy making something from nothing and feel like Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold when I make a container that is beautiful or whimsical from something that is so common and so often thrown away or left to blow over the landscape. Life is complicated. I want my art to be complicated, too; but I also want people to find images that touch them in the things I put together either with paint and paper or with string and plastic.” (2010)

Shelley Nix '75 (B.A., Fine Arts & Spanish) For the past 20 years Shelley has been living in London, going there initially to set up and manage the Education and Training Department of a UK/European branch of a small computer company headquartered in California. After working for this company 7 years, she began to fulfill a long-cherished dream of becoming a translator, obtaining a Master's Degree with Distinction in Technical and Specialized Translation from the University of Westminster in London in 1995.

Shelley set up as a freelance exactly 12 years ago, and has never looked back. She specializes primarily in medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare translations and work from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan into English. Medical translations account for about 90% of her work, with the remainder consisting of translations in the fields of art and art history.

Over the years Shelley has worked on several fascinating, high-profile assignments in these areas: a group project for the translation of audiocassette guides for the Louvre; a group project for translation of the exhibition catalogue of Art in Rome in the 19th Century for the Philadelphia Museum of Art; translation with a colleague of Luc Besson's 'The Story of the Fifth Element', his account of making the movie of the same name; translation of the review of a book about Italian memorial sculpture; and more recently, providing the French to English web site translation of a description of the Marc Chagall exhibition at the Foundation Pierre Gianadda in Martigny, Switzerland. Shelley is glad that she can put her art, art history and language background and training to good use. (2009)

Karen Kennedy Schultz '75 (B.A. Art History) writes: “I am currently the Director of The Center for Public Service and Scholarship at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA.  In the office suite, I have initiated a rotating art display of student art! Such fun!  Thank you to people like Dr. Miles Chappel for providing a fantastic base of knowledge and appreciation of the arts for living full lives. I look forward to seeing my classmates at our 35th college reunion. I am glad we all graduated when we were 10 years old." (2010)