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Gunter Luepke


Research Area: Electronic Materials, Laser Spectroscopy
Phone: 757-221-1894
Email: [[gxluep]]
Webpage: {{}}
Office: Integrated Science Center #0281

Research Interests
My research interests are concerned with novel electronic and magnetic materials and devices, including diluted magnetic semiconductors, high-TC superconductors, and colossal magnetoresistance materials. The focus of our research is on understanding dynamical processes (electronic and vibrational) localized at surfaces and interfaces, and in the bulk at defects and impurities. Knowledge of the rates and pathways of vibrational energy flow is critical for understanding thermal and laser-induced processes in condensed phases. Most of our research involves nonlinear optical techniques based on ultrafast high-power lasers which provide femtosecond time resolution and allow characterization of buried interfaces which are not easily accessible by conventional surface probes.