Strategic Planning

The overarching goal of strategic planning is to advance William & Mary's educational vision, mission and values by addressing our most pressing challenges and by seizing our most promising opportunities.

A Focused Approach

As is healthy for successive planning cycles, W&M will take a somewhat different approach now than the university did for its prior planning effort. This planning process will identify a small set of the most significant opportunities facing the university in the coming 5-10 years. Those will determine the actions we take in the near- and mid-term to position W&M for excellence over the next 25 years.

Goals for the Strategic Plan
  • Advance W&M's distinctive excellence in a rapidly changing environment, thereby raising our profile nationally and globally
  • Position W&M for long-term financial sustainability in a way that aligns our operational and financial models with our distinctive academic mission
The Planning Cycle

W&M's approach to strategic planning will be dynamic and ongoing – with our vision, mission and values at the core – through the 2019-20 academic year and beyond.

Continuous cycle of environmental analysis, strategy development, implementation and evaluation centered on our vision, mission and values