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The Plan to Tackle Systemic Racial Injustice at W&M

'The Plan' will source policy ideas from the student body, be organized by the Student Assembly, and deliver demands to administration and those in power.

Our goal is to host organic conversations, translate them into real, tangible ideas for change, and implement them with the social, political, and financial capital that the Student Assembly possesses. We are working tirelessly to overcome any setbacks and limitations that the Student Assembly has faced in the past; by creating a rigid information organization system and a flexible membership structure, we are embarking on this journey to make things right. This is our humble attempt to improve race relations on campus and honor the black indigenous people of color who carried the burden of William & Mary’s history.

Join the Committees!

For this session, applications will close Sunday, the 27th at 11:59pm with an exception for Reparations Committee which can be joined at any time.

The Reparations Committee

Reparations committee is excited to start our second session this year. Anyone can join reparations committee meetings, and will act as a non-voting member. They will have the opportunity to offer their voice and opinions. Becoming a voting member is up to the discretion of the co-chairs of the committee. The case for reparations is a long journey, but absolutely necessary and important to our integrity as a university. We hope you will join us on this journey. Please contact Ifeoma Ayika ([[e|ivayika]]) for more information and ways to get involved!

The Police Policy Project

The Policy Policy Project also referred to as the 3P team will be tasked with creating a community driven structure that will annually look at police policies and how they affect student life, especially within the BIPOC subcommunities at William & Mary. Additionally, they will work on projects including, but not limited to, adjusting diversity & inclusion as well as impartial policing training, advocating for body cameras, and collecting data regarding student-police interactions. To join the 3p team, please fill out this application!

The Academic Diversity Project

The Academic Diversity Project (ADP) will serve as a team to coordinate diversity and inclusion efforts of all academic departments. The ADP team will develop suggestions and implementation strategies for structural changes to William and Mary Academia including, but not limited to, implicit bias training for new and current faculty, diversified curriculums, and student representation on hiring boards.They will base their work according to the suggestions outlined in the "Memorandum for Recruiting Faculty of Diverse Backgrounds". If you would like to be involved in this project, please fill out this application!

The Students Rights Initiative

The Student Rights Initiative (SRI) intends to help shape narratives between students and the Williamsburg community, local police, and William & Mary police. Currently, they are working on using WM student experiences to help inform our creation of the above informational card and educational programs, by applying your lived experience with police before we disseminate these materials. Please fill out this survey to tell us more about your most pressing questions concerning interacting with police AND what you have experienced (specifically while at school/on campuss). Further, if you are interested in being a member of this group, please fill out this application!