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Conditions for Loans

All loans from the President’s Collection of Art  ("PCA") are made subject to the borrower's agreement to the following conditions:

Each object shall at all times be given due care to insure against loss, damage, or deterioration. Should loss, damage, or deterioration be noted, the curator of the President’s Collection of Art shall be informed immediately.

Objects lent by the PCA shall remain in the condition in which they are received. They shall not be unframed or removed from mats, mounts or Business Schoolbases for any purpose whatsoever, or cleaned, repaired, or conserved.

Objects lent by the PCA shall be protected at all times against direct sunlight, moisture, excessive humidity, and excessively dry conditions. In addition, all watercolors, drawings, prints, and other susceptible objects shall be protected against fading, scorching, and cockling caused by direct or reflected sunlight, strong artificial light, fluorescent light, or proximity to heat sources.

Loans are subject to periodic inventory and condition inspections. If condition or safety of the art is in question, the PCA reserves the right to recall objects from loan, or to cancel loans at any time, but will make every effort to give reasonable advance notice thereof. 

All movement of objects must be made by designees of the PCA.

To report damage or to request movement of an object, please contact Melissa Parris at [[mmparris]] or 757-221-2704.