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Awards and Scholarships

... for Students and Faculty

Many awards are granted by Alpha Chapter each year to students and faculty:

Ann Callahan Chappell Award

Award to the most outstanding PBK initiate in the fall (listed by graduating class)
     2000  Susan Bacon
     2001  K. Elizabeth Colyer
     2002  Hanley Chiang
     2003  Vijay Dondeti
     2004  Claire Wimbush
     2005  Steven M. Lewis
     2006  Laura Elizabeth Smith
     2007  Lauren Nicole Merrill
     2008  Lindsay Gail Gibson
     2009  Kiara Allman
     2010  Irene Morrison-Moncure
     2011  Adam Lerner
     2012  Kiara Savage
     2013 Ashleigh Kemp Ramos
     2014  Alison Roberts
     2015  Isaac Gregory Alty
     2016  Morgan Sedhev
     2017  Elena Claire Amparo
     2018  Jacopo  Gliozzi
     2019  Grace Arianna Kier
     2020  Celia Anne Metzger
     2021  Lucy Greenman


Lifelong Learner Award

To a community member or organization that demonstrates commitment to the pursuit of knowledge
     2014  The Christopher Wren Association, and its founders R. Wayne & Ruth Kernodle
     2015  Williamsburg Bird Club, and independent scholar and art historian Caroline Williams
     2016  Literacy for Life
     2017  Williamsburg Regional Library
     2018  Child Development Resources, and legal scholar and art historian Michèle K. Spike
     2019  Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, and educator Anne Sharp

Recipients of Alpha Chapter’s Lifelong Learner Awards on May 11, 2018. Holding their certificates are legal scholar and art historian Michèle K. Spike to the left and Paul Scott, Executive Director of Child Development Resources of Williamsburg to the right.

 Virginia Northcott Brinkley Award
Award for excellence in writing to a spring PBK initiate (listed by graduating class)

     2004  Jacob Rooksby
     2005  Allison Jack
     2006  Jessica Miller
     2007  Matthew Sherrill
     2008  Kathryn Lee Swanson
     2009  James Curtis Staples

Departmental Named Scholarship

One student award of $2000 to the outstanding senior major in a specific department
(rotates among departments and is named after an emeritus faculty member known for dedication to teaching)

2022-2023  T.J. Cheng Scholarship in Government
2021-2022  The Gene Tracy Scholarship in Physics 
2020-2021  The Raymond McCoy Scholarship in Kinesiology awarded to Derin Kokuuslu
2019-2020 The Katherine K. Preston Scholarship in Music awarded to Tiara Johnson
2018-2019  The John Oakley Scholarship in Classical Studies awarded to Becca Gaborek
2017-2018  The WIlliam Hausman Scholarship in Economics awarded to Meredith Passero
2016-2017  The David Aday Sociology awarded to Nairuti Shastry
2015-2016  The Richard Palmer Scholarship in Theatre awarded to Keaton Hillman
2014-2015  The Norman J. Fashing Scholarship in Biology awarded to Salma Abdel-Raheem
2013-2014  The Jacquelyn Y. McLendon Scholarship in English awarded to Miles Seth Drawdy
2012-2013  The Neill P. Watson Scholarship in Psychology awarded to Susan Morgan Johns
2011-2012  The Clyde A. Haulman Scholarship in Economics awarded to Allison Lee Oldham
2010-2011  The Robert A. Orwoll Scholarship in Chemistry awarded to Elizabeth Pylant Bransford Allen
2009-2010  The Thomas Heacox Scholarship in English awarded to Emily Catherine Fuhrman
2008-2009  The Jim McCord Scholarship in History awarded to Salar Michael Mohandesi
2007-2008  The Alan Ward Scholarship in Government awarded to Jennifer Ashley Hoover
2006-2007  The Pichard Prosl Scholarship in Computer Science awarded to Justin Manweiler
2005-2006  The Miles L. Chappell Scholarship in Art and Art History awarded to John Charleton Hawley
2004-2005  The John McKnight Scholarship in Physics awarded to Dimitar M. Vlassarev
2003-2004  The J. Ward Jones Scholarship in Classical Studies awarded to Emily Tatum
2002-2003  The James C. Livingston Scholarship in Religion awarded to David Raphael Hildebrand
2001-2002  The Gerald H. Johnson Award in Geology awarded to Matthew Adam Pasek
2000-2001  The Margaret Hamilton Award in Government awarded to Christina Lynne Hall
1999-2000  The Charlotte P. Mangum Award in Biology awarded to Kristina Marie Hoke
1998-1999  The Frank B. McDonald Award in Philosophy awarded to Erin Elizabeth Bradham
1997-1998  The Ludwell H. Johnson Award in History awarded to Kathleen Marie Donohue, Anne Yates Marks, Matthew Wayne Shepherd
1996-1997  Alfred R. Armstrong Award in Chemistry Dan Kopp, Kristin Joslyn (1997), David Wilmouth (1996)

Ludwell Johnson Scholarships

Student awards of $1000 or more to PBK or non-PBK students

William Lamb Scholarship

A student award of $2000 or more to a PBK initiate

Jane Williams Mahoney Scholarships

Multiple student awards at $1000 or more

Muriel M. Jennings Scholarships

Multiple student awards at $2000 or more

The John D. Rockefeller Faculty Awards
For the Advancement of Scholarship, a Spring-term award to an outstanding younger scholar
     2000  Yana Rodgers, Economics
     2001  Anne Rasmussen, Music
     2002  Carey Bagdassarian, Chemistry
     2003  Lisa Anderson, Economics
     2004  Chuck Bailey, Geology
     2005  Dan Cristol, Biology
     2006  Evgenia Smirni, Computer Science
     2007  Ronald Schechter, History
     2008  Junping Shi, Mathematics
     2009  John Swaddle, Biology
     2010  Graham Ousey, Sociology
     2011  Gregory Smith, Applied Science
     2012  Robert Leventhal, Modern Languages
     2013  Josh Burk, Psychology
     2014  Konstantinos Orginos, Physics
     2015  Erin Minear, English
     2016  Todd Thrash, Psychology
     2017  Molly Swetnam-Burland, Classical Studies
     2018  Jennifer Putzi, English and Women & Gender Studies
     2019  Jonathan Scheerer, Chemistry
     2020  Xu Liu Computer, Science
     2021  James Stern, Law
     2022  Tomayuki Sasaki, Modern Languages, Japanese Studies
     2023  Jessica Paga, Classic Studies


For Excellence in Teaching, a Spring-term award to an outstanding teacher on the William & Mary  faculty
     2000  Tom Heacox, English
     2001  Jack Martin, English
     2002  Paul Heideman, Biology
     2003  Chi-Kwong Li, Mathematics
     2004  Brent Owens, Geology
     2005  Kate Slevin, Sociology
     2006  Phillip Daileader, History
     2007  Greg Hancock, Geology
     2008  Deborah Morse, English
     2009  Silvia Tandeciarz, Modern Languages
     2010  Paul Mapp, History
     2011  John Griffin, Biology
     2012  Barbara Watkinson, Art & Art History
     2013  Yanfang Tang, Modern Languages
     2014  Richard Palmer, Theatre
     2015  Gail McEachron, Education
     2016  Elena Prokhorova, Modern Languages
     2017  Robert Trent Vinson, History
     2018  Nicole Santiago, Art & Art History
     2019  Keith Griffioen, Physics
     2020  Laurie Koloski, History
     2021  Carey Bagdassarian, Interdisciplinary Studies
     2022  Ryan Vinroot, Mathematics
     2023  Dennis Alcides Velazco Smith, Government


Anyone interested in further information or in supporting these efforts should contact

     Professor Peter McHenry
     Treasurer, Alpha Chapter of PBK
     Department of Economics
     William and Mary, Box 8795
     Williamsburg VA 23187-8795