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W&M Neurodiversity in the News

Neurodiversity and COVID19

John Elder Robison discusses COVID-19 and how it may impact neurodivergent people.

Architect Zena Howard
Building to Improve Communities

Celebrated architect Zena Howard visited campus as part of the COLL 300 series, explaining how "designers have a social responsibility to improve the lives of community members."

ari neeman
Ari Ne'eman Talk

Ari Ne'eman, former president and co-founder of ASAN will be talking on Feb 5 at 4:00pm!

Joel Carver
Austism and the Job Market

You’re autistic. You know you can do a good job, but will employers listen?

Robison at W&M: Advocating for neurodiversity

John Elder Robison’s individual trek to William and Mary as scholar-in-residence leading neurodiveristy initiatives may have started with his birth as an autistic some 50 years ago. The route taken connects across centuries.

Vigil honors people with disabilities killed by caretakers

In the past five years, over 180 people with disabilities have been killed by their family members or caretakers. Media outlets and court systems have often referred to these as mercy killings rather than as murders. On Tuesday, March 1, students from the Neurodiversity Student Group and Corpus partnered to hold the Disability Day of Mourning, an event honoring those who have been killed.