The Thatcher Prize for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Study

Jeffrey Bozman - 2012 Award Recipient

Even before he began his studies at the William & Mary School of Law, JEFFREY BOZMAN was recognized as a person of outstanding quality and promise in his field.  Having recently completed four years of service as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, including multiple tours in Iraq, Jeff signed on to volunteer with the Law School’s new Veterans’ Benefits Clinic during the summer prior to his matriculation.  His performance and professionalism were exceptional.  The director of the clinic wrote, “As a pre-first-year student, Jeff’s work outshined the second- and third-year students I had working beside him.”  Jeff worked with the clinic again as a second-year student, taking on some of the more challenging cases and pursuing them with both creativity and an unwavering determination to secure the best outcomes for his clients.  Many of Jeff’s professors believe that his outstanding talents and abilities qualify him as one of the very best students they have encountered in decades of teaching.

The Dean of the Law School described Jeff as “an extraordinary leader—smart, humble, easy with praise for his peers, responsible.” Jeff’s election by his fellow students to the highly prestigious role of Editor-in-Chief of the William and Mary Law Review is a testament to the great esteem they accord him.  When candidates for the position were asked whom they believed should be selected as Editor-in-Chief if not themselves, every one of them named Jeff.  His performance in that position this year has been exemplary.

Jeff has been described as the embodiment of Thomas Jefferson’s “Citizen Lawyer” ideal.  In the words of one professor, “His character is without reproach. He is a commanding leader who is not imposing. And, as a Marine, Jeff is committed not to the concept of service but to the action of service.”  As he moves on to a prestigious federal judicial clerkship next year, and then to a position in the distinguished law firm of Covington & Burling, Jeff carries with him the respect of students and faculty alike, all of whom admire him for his unparalleled scholarship, natural leadership, and a personal character that, in the view of another professor, “gives the word ‘lawyer’ a good connotation.”