The James Frederic Carr Memorial Cup

Ksenija Kapetanovic - 2012 Award Citation

KSENIJA KAPETANOVIC graduates today with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience.  She receives her degree with honors, having successfully completed a senior thesis on the neurological effects and treatment of early exposure to mercury.  Her exemplary academic record and commitment to excellence were recognized in Fall 2011 with her election to Phi Beta Kappa.

Known to many simply as “Mama K,” Ksenija stands out to those who know her, not only for the outstanding quality of her academic work, but for the way in which she humanizes her research and integrates her scholarship with a sincere desire to serve others.  Her diligence in conducting her honors research has been motivated largely by the positive impact she believes her work could have on the lives of those adversely affected by mercury. 

Outside the classroom, Ksenija has been highly involved in improving the lives of people on campus and beyond.  As a student director for the Branch Out Regional alternative breaks program, she has worked with fellow students to develop their skills as leaders, and she has helped to guide an already strong program toward even more successful outcomes.  She has also been active in the William & Mary chapter of Circle K International.  As president of the chapter this year, she has been a model of leadership, spending countless hours doing direct service while also conscientiously managing the administrative demands of the position. 

Ksenija’s contributions to the campus are characterized by her genuine humility and sense of care. She is described by fellow students as a quiet leader who “will have a heart-to-heart with you when you need it,” and who possesses “a humble spirit infused with courage and dry wit.”  She does not speak readily of her accomplishments; rather, she allows her work to speak for itself out of a deep conviction in the value of “a job done well and for the right reasons.”  Nonetheless, her achievements and influence have been noticed, as evidenced not only by her academic honors but also by her recent recognition as Woman of Year by the Ladies of Alpha, a secret society on campus.  Ksenija truly integrates the qualities of character, scholarship, and leadership, and is a most deserving recipient of this year’s Carr Cup.