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Parents & Guardians

Services for parents of William & Mary students

We welcome calls from parents concerned about their students at William & Mary. We can provide consultation and make suggestions for problem-solving.

There are many types of appointments available to students. If you feel your student is in crisis, we can discuss crisis intervention mechanisms available on campus.

For less urgent concerns, we can discuss services available at the Counseling Center and through other offices, such as the Dean of Students Office or the Student Health Center. For example, if your student is feeling overwhelmed by academic demands, we can offer counseling as well as referral information for study skills and academic support services.

If we are already working with the student in therapy, confidentiality prevents us from disclosing any information to parents without a signed release of information from the student. For example, we would not be able to tell you whether we have seen the student or disclose any information that had been covered in counseling.

If there are family issues you want to address jointly with the student, and assuming it is logistically feasible, we will provide family therapy at the request of the student. Also, one or two meetings with parents may sometimes be a valuable adjunct to individual counseling.

In an effort to provide parents with resources related to counseling, we have constructed a Guide for Parents.  For more information about the transition from high school to college review Transition Year: Your Source for Emotional Health at College.