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Campus Recreation Employee Incentive Program

The purpose of this program is to motivate Campus Recreation Employees to participate in and lead Campus Recreation activities and programs. Campus Recreation Student Employees can earn incentives for participating in and leading Campus Recreation activities and events that are not part of their normal job responsibilities.


  • Students keep track of the points on their own log sheet (pdf) and submit them to their direct supervisor (Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director of Rec Sports) in order to "cash in" their points for rewards. The students will be held accountable to  William & Mary's Honor System.
  • Points have to be used during the academic year in which they are earned; they will not roll over to the next year.








Leading a Campus Recreation workshop or presentation. For example: leading a dorm presentation in a residence hall or leading a wellness workshop.



Leading an Intramural training scrimmage or clinic.



Volunteering to do a marketing task (distributing fliers and other publications, managing the Campus Recreation Facebook Page, website, taking pictures at events, etc.)

Employee Recognition


Being recognized as an outstanding Rec Center Employee by a patron or other non-Rec Sports Employee. Assistant Directors and/or Graduate Assistants will notify employees who have received these points.



Being recognized as an outstanding Campus Recreation Employee by a fellow Campus Recreation Employee or Professional Staff member. Assistant Directors and/or Graduate Assistants will notify employees who have received these points. Employees can nominate fellow co-workers by recommending them to their supervising Graduate Assistants or Assistant Directors.



Participating in an Outdoor Trip lead through theCampus Recreation Department (20 points per day).



Attending an in-houseCampus Recreation workshop (such as a wellness workshop) or attending a Student Affairs leadership workshop, such as a LEAP workshop. Playing a game with the Flying Squirrells Intramural Team.



Participating in Campus Recreation events or programs such as fitness classes, intramural games or events (individually or on a team other than the Flying Squirrels), club sports practices or games, or any other events or programs sponsored by the Campus Recreation Department (points will be limited for these activities).

Meeting Attendance


Students who do not miss a staff meeting the entire semester, arriving on time to all meetings and staying for the entire meeting.



Students who only miss 1 meeting (must be an excused absence), arrive late to 1 meeting OR leave early from one meeting for the entire semester.



Tier 1 (100 Points)

Campus RecreationT-shirt
1 Personal Training Session
Outdoor Trip Registration

Tier 2 (200 Points)

Campus Recreation Duffel Bag
Campus Recreation Fleece Pull-over
Fitwell Semester Pass
30-minute massage
IM Team Registration

Tier 3 (300 Points)

Fitwell Year Pass
60-minute massage