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Sport Club funds are limited to ad-hoc requests for safety needs in Spring 2021, and Sport Clubs must submit a purchase request email to Dan Gardner, Assistant Director of Sport Clubs, at in order to ask for goods/services.

The responsible management of money is critical to a sport club's successful function. Club officers are responsible for seeing that expenses do not exceed income and that allocated funds are spent according to Campus Recreation fiscal policy. 

There are restrictions on how college allocated funds may be spent, but all other monies (fundraising, dues, donations) may be spent as the club deems necessary, within established policies and reason/common sense.

In order to be reimbursed out of your Campus Recreation allocation or development account (if you have one) for legitimate expenditures, you will need to keep all original receipts, and fill out necessary paperwork. You are responsible for following all instructions and completing the paperwork in a timely manner. Reimbursements must be submitted within five (5) business days of an item purchase, or five (5) business days from a return from a trip.

More information:
  • Finance FAQ: the budget request process, changing names on your BB&T account, and more
  • Types of Budgets: the three types of accounts that are available to sport clubs
  • Individual Club Budgets: Campus Recreation allocations
  • Reimbursements: travel and equipment reimbursements, restrictions on reimbursable items
  • Tier System: A classification system utilized to help where sport clubs fall in reference to budgets