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Peer Mentorship

Tribe Onboarding New Employee (TONE) Program

Welcome to William & Mary!

The TONE program matches seasoned employees, called a "Tribe Connector", with new employees to help them understand our culture and our workplace environment. It is meant to generate engagement, build relationships, help the new employee navigate through our network, and prevent a feeling of isolation or disconnectedness. We envision a 90-day timeframe for the Tribe Connector and new employee. Most activities will take place during the lunch hour, scheduled breaks, or after work hours.

We are so glad you joined us! Please use this form to request a Connector. The form is quick and easy to complete. We will use the information you provide to match you with a Tribe Connector.

Tribe Connectors

Tribe Connectors are volunteers who will serve as a valuable reference for new employees to learn about resources and services, such as how to locate buildings, who to call to get their questions answered, or how to buy tickets for the football game. To learn more about the program, [[AskHR,send a request to AskHR]] and the UHR staff will be in touch to discuss the program and your availability.

Ways Tribe Connectors May Help a New Employee
  • Any important acronyms (PPF, VIMS, EAP, CAS, TSC, etc.)
  • How to join an affinity group
  • Information about the Recreation Center or fitness sessions
  • Popular lunch spots
  • Purchasing tickets for sporting events
  • Using multi-media services at Swem Library
  • How to find out about campus events
Activity Suggestions 
  • Introduce new colleagues 
  • Review the university's mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities
  • Attend a campus event
  • Meet for lunch or a meal after work
  • Walk together to the Recreation Center or Muscarelle Museum
  • Showcase Williamsburg, VIMS, and other campuses
  • Direct the new employee to available resources and service
The program is not designed to:
  • Be a replacement for the new employee’s supervisor
  • Train the employee on job-required skills
  • Determine a new employee’s professional development
  • Monitor or review job performance
  • Be a reporting tool (Tribe Connector does not report back to the new hire’s supervisor)
To Participate in the TONE Program

Simply send a request to and a member of the UHR staff will contact you to determine the best available volunteer to help you with your orientation to William & Mary.