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Announcement Feed Row

The announcement feed row displays up to four of your office or department's latest Cascade announcements in a visual presentation style.

Rows are available to specified users that have received the required training, consultation and approval of their Cascade Manager.
Suggested Uses
  • Prominently highlight timely announcements on your homepage
  • Replace a right-column listbox or center-column listing block displaying announcements
Note: If your site does not yet have an Announcement Listing, you will first need to create one.
Create a New Row
  • Select your rows storage folder — this is likely labeled _rows or similar. If you don't have one yet, build one now.
  • From the top menu, select Add Content > Rows > Announcement Feed.
Available Field & Options
  • Page Name: Required field; this is your row's file name in Cascade; customize the default name of row-announcements.
  • Title: Required field; used as a section header for screen readers and should be meaningful.
  • Show Title?
    • If unchecked: The title is used by screen readers, but not visually displayed.
    • If checked: The title is prominently displayed at the top of the text side of the row.
  • Row Theme: Select one of the available colors as the row's default theme. Elements within the row will be color-coordinated and optimized for design and accessibility. When placing the row on a page, the theme can be customized for that page. 
  • Intro Text: Option to add simple text below the title and above the icon cards. Text appears center justified and can include links, bold and italics.
  • Announcement Feed Source: Select the index page in the folder containing the announcements.
  • Max Number of Announcements: The maximum number of announcements you would like displayed in the row. One is the minimum; four is the maximum. 
  • Show Summaries?: Select Yes or No. If Yes is chosen, each announcement's summary will appear below its title. Tip: Be consistent with your summary lengths for a more consistent row presentation.
  • Link Text: "See all announcements" is provided by default and automatically links to your announcement listing page.
Updating Row Content
  • To update the content of a row, edit and publish the row file. 
  • You do not need to publish the pages displaying the row.
  • If a row is unpublished or deleted, it will no longer appear on any live pages.

Tip: If you move or rename a row file, you will then need to publish any pages displaying the row. Not sure which pages are using the row? Check for relationships to the row.

Example Announcement Feed Rows

Below, we offer sample rows to demonstrate a selection of suggested uses and best practices.

IT Announcements

  • Workday selected as W&M's new ERP

    Workday will replace some of Banner as the new enterprise software platform for finance and human resources.
  • Gartner Access Now Available at W&M

    W&M introduces Gartner’s Campus Access, offering students, faculty, and staff unlimited access to top-notch research on IT trends, vendors, products, and technologies. Gartner provides detailed technical insights, knowledge, and best practices to enhance initiatives and results, expedite project timelines, and reduce risk.
  • New safety tip in Outlook

    The first contact safety tip in Microsoft Outlook guards against phishing, which is the number one threat to cybersecurity at the university.
  • Transitioning to Blackboard Learn Ultra Courses

    William & Mary will be transitioning from Blackboard's Original Courses to Ultra Courses. This view is a more modern and adaptable learning management design and will establish a more contemporary and student-friendly learning environment.


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