The Haven is a resource navigation hub on campus.

We provide the following:
  • A safe and confidential space to connect with peers
  • Trauma-informed support and crisis response
  • Resources and connection to multiple services and options on and off campus
  • Information on Title IX and sexual misconduct policy/procedures and reporting options
  • Information on criminal and civil legal options
  • Accommodations related to class absences, classwork, exams, schedules; housing and campus living; no-contact orders
  • Student-led social group for survivors

Horizon is a student-led, peer-based social group for students attending William & Mary who have experienced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. The four core values of HORIZON are:

  1. Peer-Based
  2. Self-Determination
  3. Survivor Autonomy
  4. Connection

These four values also serve as group guidelines. The purpose of Horizon is to build social and emotional well-being through connection and support with other survivors. Horizon is not a group facilitated by licensed or clinical therapists and is not intended to replace the need for, and benefit of, professional therapeutic interventions. Horizon is led by trained students who are also survivors, under the supervision and guidance of the Director of The Haven.

Please contact Liz Cascone, Director of The Haven, for more information about HORIZON or [[horizon]].