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Energy & Carbon Neutral Campus

Carbon neutrality for the W&M and VIMS campuses will be reached through a multifaceted approach, centering emissions reductions through efficiencies and shifting towards renewable energy for campus operations. Flexibility will be a key consideration, as policies and technologies are rapidly changing. As a last resort, responsible carbon offsets will be purchased to reach the last mile of neutrality, while the university continues work on mitigating these emissions past 2030.

Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Electricity
Description: Source an equivalent of 100% of the main campus and all graduate schools’ electricity from renewables.
Champion: Facilities Management
Source: Climate Action Roadmap

Carbon Proxy Program

Carbon Proxy Program
Description: Explore a Carbon Proxy Program, which assigns a “what-if” price to offsetting emissions for consideration in decision-making such as capital projects.
Champions: Economics faculty & Facilities Management
Source: Climate Action Roadmap

Heating Cooling

Heating/Cooling Strategy
Description: Create a strategy to address the use of fossil fuels used in buildings for heating and cooling.
Champion: Facilities Management
Source: Climate Action Roadmap

Planning Worksheet

Higher Education Resilience Planning Worksheet
Description: Explore a campus resilience planning worksheet tailored for higher education grounds and operations.
Champions: W&M Law School Virginia Coastal Policy Center, VIMS Center for Coastal Resource Management, Office of Sustainability
Source: Climate Action Roadmap

Campus Fleet

Net Zero Campus Fleet
Description: Create a strategy for a campus fleet that has net zero carbon emissions.
Champion: Parking & Transportation
Source: Climate Action Roadmap

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sustainability Plan Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Description: Finalize a Climate Action Plan by 2020 that includes the sourcing of renewable energy and an ambitious carbon neutrality date.
Champion: Operations
Source: Sustainability Plan

Renewable Electricity

Sustainability Plan Renewable Energy
Description: We are committed to utilizing energy efficiency, management practices, and the possibilities of renewable energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions at a realistic and impactful pace.
Champions: Office of Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Community Engagement
Source: Sustainability Plan

Alignment with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

7: Affordable and Clean Energy13: Climate Action17: Partnerships for the Goals 

Sustainability Publications

William & Mary's Sustainability Plan & Climate Action Roadmap guide how we as an institution intend to tackle the current challenges on climate change, promoting sustainability for public good and producing leaders to serve for a sustainable future. View or print the following university publications, available in PDF format.